Salman’s Kids Field Note

Hello, fellow travelers! Today, we will learn about the life of a French child. I was able
to talk to Stephane, one of my friend’s little brothers. Stephane is 8 years old and is
originally from Paris, the capital of France.

Stephane has school everyday of the weekfrom 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.He has a two hour
lunch break each day. On Wednesdays, he has a half-day at school. To make up for the
missed time, he goes to school on Saturday mornings.

Stephane begins his school day with breakfast, his favorite meal. He likes breakfast the
most because of the delicious pastries that he has from time to time. Usually, he eats
cereal, fruit and a pastry with orange juice or milk. Sometimes, his parents make him
eggs and sausage for breakfast as well. His favorite pastry is pain au chocolat, or fluffy
and flaky pastry bread with chocolate in the center. Delicious!

Following breakfast, Stephane goes to gym class. He usually plays soccer with his
classmates. In France, they call soccer football or just “foot”. It is also his favorite sport.
He likes to watch soccer on television, too. His favorite team is Paris Saint-Germain.

After playing soccer, Stephane stays in class until lunch time. At lunch, he usually goes
to the cafeteria next to his school to eat. He has two hours to eat and do homework.
Sometimes, his mother packs him a croque-monsieur (croc-muh-seur) for lunch. A –
croque-monsieur -is a grilled cheese sandwich with ham and egg.

Stephane stays at school until he is finished at 4:00 pm. His favorite class is English. –
He likes it because it is very similar to French, and he can understand it all while learning
the language. However, he does not like homophones or homonyms! Do you know
what those are? He gets confused when two words that mean different things are spelled
almost the same or sound the same when said aloud.

When Stephane gets home, he usually takes a short nap and then completes his
homework. He likes to play video games when he is done with his homework. He has
dinner with his family at around 7:00 pm. His parents usually cook a mixture of Italian
and French food. Yummy!

Stephane goes to bed at 9:00 pm, but he likes to read a little before bed. He always looks
forward to the weekend. He likes to visit museums in Paris, especially the Louvre. He is
looking forward to visiting London for his next vacation!

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