Journal #3: Visiting Positano, a Seaside Town

It was a really stressful week for me, so I needed a getaway! I had the chance to travel to Positano. This is a very small, but very famous, tourist town located in the southern part of Italy. It’s about 45 minutes away from Sorrento by car. This town is full of natural beauty, Mediterranean architecture, and even history that goes back at least to the Greek period.

Getting to Positano is fun. You just need to take a bus from Sorrento that leaves every 30 minutes.  The bus ride is amazing because there are big buses going around narrow roads next to a cliff with the view of the Amalfi coast.

The weather here is usually warm during the spring and summer season, but with chilly breeze. I personally enjoyed it. The weather plays a major role here, and Positano is popular with tourists all year long.

Since this is a very famous place for tourists, almost everyone speaks English.

The town is full of narrow streets. The way that they build the houses around the hills is just amazing to see. This town is an amazing place to sketch if you do love to sketch. I do.

If you love fish or seafood, you need try the local food. I tried a plate of homemade pasta with seafood, which was really delicious. Since this town is also a fishing town, most plates come with fish or another type of seafood. However, since this is a tourist town, some of these delicious plates are not that cheap.  A plate could cost at least 10 euros and a bottle of water could cost up to two euros. Even so, I could eat Positano’s food every day!

In short, Positano is a place that I recommend without any doubt. This town is full with natural beauty, amazing local people who seem happy, and for architecture students, it is s dream. This town is one of those towns that people need to come to experience what I’m trying to describe.

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