Transportation Field Note

Abstract: A short blurb about this article :
Georgia used to be a land of villages, where houses were nestled into the foot of the mountain. But now they are interconnected by a network of roads and by a network of transportation. Travel is a big part of Georgian life and when I go somewhere, I am never traveling alone.

Georgia may be very small, but it’s home to many micro climates. That means that one region of snow frozen mountains might be next to another region of arid plains and that might be next to a third region of lush subtropics. Georgia full of tiny contrasting climates. Because of that, Georgians love to travel their own country! There are many ways to get around. It’s very easy to find transportation from one place to another, but that doesn’t mean the traveling is easy!

How do people get around:

People get around town by walking or by driving. Often times people with cars will pick up their neighbors who are walking along the road. Sometimes when I’m walking to school, a teacher or neighbor will offer me a ride! Everyone works together here to share what wealth they have. Most of the cars are old German models that have been around for many, many years, like the white car in the picture. When one part breaks, they fix it instead of getting a new car. People get around between towns by car or by marshrutka. Let me describe marshrutkas this way: imagine a van, like the ones that come when you need to fix your internet. Now imagine that inside the van are 16 seats affixed to the floor haphazardly. There isn’t a lot of room! This is the most common way to get around. Sometimes I have ridden with animals too! People bring their goats, pigs and chickens with them to sell at another town.

How did I feel when I tried this way of getting around?: 

Even though you’re just sitting, ridding on a marshrutkas is very tiring. It can be like a long, dull roller-coaster ride. When you’re going up and down the hills for so many hours, you feel sick to your stomach. The road is bumpy and the van doesn’t have very good suspension, so you are never sitting still. The best thing to do is sleep. I met one of my friends here on a marshrutka. She is also teaching English here. She wants to be a writer. But when we met on the marshrutka, it was hard to introduce ourselves because we had to keep looking out the window. It was funny because we couldn’t even look at each other, but we wanted so badly to speak English to someone new.

Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?: 

Marshrutkas are an easy way for Georgians to see their whole country. They’re not very expensive and they go everywhere, so that they can learn about the different regions and their national history.

Typical Car

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