Visiting Paris – Logbook – 22 April 2013

This semester I am studying abroad in London. I had the opportunity to travel to other countries while here. Last weekend I went to Paris. Paris is located in France. I have always seen pictures of Paris in books and movies. It was beautiful. Paris is very different than London.    SD7drs7iOdGLiQxvWHuDN5lF094DJaFyu1WL5M0xqfk


Local Time: 12:00p.m.

­How far did we travel this week? Paris is about 284 miles away from London.

How did we get around this week? I traveled by train to Paris. Once in Paris I used the underground to get around the city. The underground is just like the subway in New York City. It is really easy to figure out how to get from one stop to another. As soon as I arrived in Paris, I picked up a map of the underground trains. Each line is color coded. The colors are easy read from afar. The trains look the same as the subway in New York City. One difference is that they do not display the stops on the train. You have to pay attention so you don’t miss your stop.



What was the most interesting place we visited this week? The most interesting place I visited this week was the Eiffel Tower. I have seen pictures of it before. It was even more beautiful in person than the movies. I could not believe how tall it was. I went up to the top of the tower. I took two elevators to the top. The view from the top was incredible. I could see miles away. It was cloudy when I first went up, by it cleared up soon after. In the pictures I took you can see the dark clouds sitting over the city. 


This Week’s Travel News: 

I went to Paris last weekend. It was amazing. All of the buildings are so pretty in Paris. While in Paris I visited the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the Opera House, the Arc de Triomphe, and other smaller monuments. There is so much history in Paris. The old buildings seem to fit in with the rest of the city perfectly. There is so much to do in Paris. Here is a picture of a spectacular, golden room of the Opera House, and a picture from inside the Louvre Museum.

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What languages are spoken here? French is the primary language spoken in Paris. I don’t speak French. I can only say a few words, like hello and thank you. Most people there speak English. Most of them are fluent in English. Some of them have trouble understanding what I say. A lot of people think Americans speak fast. I usually try to speak a little slower than usual when talking to people whose first language is not English.

What type of money is used here? Unlike in London, the euro is used in Paris. One euro is equal to one dollar and thirty cents. Because of the difference in currency, everything seems very expensive. Paris is an expensive city to live in. I paid 7.50 euros for one slice of pizza. That is equivalent to $9.70. Dinner at a nice restaurant can cost 30 dollars. For dinner I had a cheeseburger and fries. It costs 17 euros, which is about 22 dollars. I spent a lot of money on food while I was in Paris.

How much does a bottle of water cost? One bottle of water costs about two euros. That is about $2.60.

What was the best meal this week? The best food I had in Paris was ice cream. Ice cream in Paris is different than the kind we have in America. The ice cream is smoother in Paris. I had tiramisu and chocolate flavored ice cream. The ice cream was creamy. The ice cream is also more expensive than the ice cream in America. I paid about five US dollars for a small cup of ice cream.

What music did we listen to this week? I didn’t listen to music when I was in Paris because I was constantly going from one place to another. 

What activity was the most fun this week? Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower was the most fun thing I did. I had so much fun going up to the top. I took two elevators up. The view from the elevators seemed unreal. I never saw a city from that high up before. I could see miles away. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen before. I walked halfway back down the Eiffel Tower. I was so tired when I reached the bottom.

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