Field Note about Kids

Abstract: What is life like for you? Is living in New York City amazing? Busy? Boring? Sometimes you may think your life is boring or unexciting, but to someone else it can be something completely fascinating!

Introduction: I teach high school students in English at a Slovak high school or Gymnasium. I asked them this week to work in groups and answer some questions. These are their answers, opinions and thoughts. They told me their lives were uninteresting, but I sure don’t think so and I hope you guys find them cool too! Think about any similarities your lives might have with my Slovak students; it’s always fun to see how similar we all are even if we are miles and miles apart. Our differences are also amazing because it shows how diverse the world’s cultures and people are.

What chores do you do at home?

We usually wash the dishes, clean the floor, vacuum the carpets, do the dusting, and water the flowers.

What languages do you speak at school?

We speak Slovak and English, but we can learn French, German and Russian at school as well.

How do you say ‘hello’ in your language?


What is your favorite famous person? Why?

I think that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is my favorite famous person because he is for me something like a superhero. I like computers and programming, and he made something so big. I want to be successful like him or work for him. I don’t like Facebook but millions of people like it, and it is important to our lives today.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

We would like to go to Africa because there are various climates, people and animals. There are people who live in a different way than us. They have different customs, traditions and habits, and we are interested in them.

What jobs do your parents have?

My father is a business man, and he works with cars. He says his work is very hard in Slovakia because we have quite a poor economy. My mother is a physiotherapist. She helps people to recover after different injuries. She likes this job a lot.

What subjects do you study?

We study math in the Slovak language. I like this subject, but recently it has been boring. We also study the Slovak language, and this is also boring. We study and read Slovak literature and English literature, and this is fun because I like reading books. We also study English grammar, which is the most boring subject ever! We also have this one class called “Special Subject” which includes math, physics, biology, history and geography. All of these classes are in English and we call it ATP, and I think these classes are fun. We also have English conversation class where we try and speak in English. And in the English writing class we write essays. There is IT (information technology), so we learn to use computers, and we have psychosocial lessons where we talk to each other about different things.

My favorite subject is ATP because it’s both funny and interesting. Next year, on our second year of high school, we’ll study all subjects in English language.

What do you think about the US?

It’s a very big and amazing country with a lot of people. Many people from the whole world want to live in the US.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast: We don’t have a special food for breakfast, so we just eat what we want. Usually it’s a sandwich.

Lunch: This is the most important meal of the day, so it’s also the biggest meal. We always have soup and a main meal, such as pork and potatoes.

Dinner: We don’t usually eat a lot of food for dinner.

What kind of music do you listen to?

We are all different. But our style is the best. We listen to for example Asking Alexandria and Guns ‘N’ Roses. Only Filip listens to Chcelnicanka. Some people listen to Justin Bieber, 1D and other (very hot) singers. But we are normal people, and we listen to rock, metal, punk, and of course also ska.

How do you get to school?

We go to school by bus or car; it is about 30 minutes for us to travel here by bus.

What is your daily routine?

School starts at 8:00 am and ends at 14:30 pm. My typical day is like this: I wake up, go to school, have lunch and go home. Then I study for about 10 minutes, sometimes longer. I turn on my computer and I am on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I watch TV, listen to music or read books, and then I go to bed.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a manager of tuning company (garage), or I want to be a dentist.

I want to be a psychologist.

I dream about being a famous designer.

All of us want to leave Slovakia and go abroad.

What is your house like?

I live in a house that has four rooms: my bedroom, my brother’s bedroom, a living room, my parents’ bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and we also have a hall and garden.

What do you do after school?

After school we chat with friends on Facebook. Of course sometimes we study, go out with friends, or watch TV and relax.

What sport is the most popular in your country?

The favorite sport in Slovakia is football (soccer) and in summer girls like to go bicycling.

Questions for US students:

Can you find Slovakia on a map?

What do you like to do after school?

Do you have a favorite sport?

What questions do you have for kids in Slovakia?

What is your traditional food?

Have you ever been in Europe?

Would you like to come to Slovakia?


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