Journal: Do Not Fear!

Do Not Fear!

What are you afraid of? Monsters? Ghosts? Heights? I am afraid of lots of things, like big bugs, bees and spiders! I also am afraid of the forest at night time. You never know what could be wandering around in the dark woods! This uncertainty can be scary, but it is important not to let what you do not know stop you from achieving your dreams.

Children have great imaginations! Your imagination can be used for fun things like playing with your friends and art projects. It can also be used to think up scary situations, like a monster hiding in your closet. Believe it or not, sometimes adults have trouble using their imaginations for positive things as well. This is especially true when they are unsure about something.

Not knowing can be a scary thing. We all like to know what is going on and what is going to happen. This helps us to feel more comfortable. Think about a typical day in your life. Do you have a routine? When I was in first grade, I would wake up, get dressed, and then eat breakfast with my brother before we took the bus to school. When I got to school I would have recess, go to class, eat lunch, have more class, and then take the bus back to my house. I would have a snack, play, eat dinner, and play some more until my bedtime. Do you do something similar to what I did?

It is good to have a routine, especially while you are young. Sometimes, though, it is better to try new things. I think that kids are much better at this than adults! Adults are often afraid to do something new- they do not want to make a mistake or embarrass themselves. Children are more open and excited to try new things. I think that adults could learn a few things from kids, don’t you?

When I decided to study abroad, it was a little scary. My friends here in Korea and I like to joke that we all have to be a little crazy to have come to a place so foreign to us. Crazy, bold, adventurous, or whatever else you want to call it, we are all so glad that we decided to take the risk to come here!

Visiting a foreign country has given me a new way of looking at the world. Before I came to Korea, I could only picture my future within the United States. I was open to living somewhere else, but I could not imagine what that would be like or look like. Now that I have lived in Korea for a few months, I feel confident to travel and even live in many other places around the world. I know that each new place would have its own challenges, but that is what makes life exciting, isn’t it?

I have seen so many amazing things during my time here! I know that it would be much easier to Google a picture of Korea, but seeing it in real life is priceless! Anyone can look at a picture, but that is not enough! To get the full experience, you must not only see with your eyes, but hear the music of the birds singing, feel the sun shining on your skin, and interact with the local people. There is much more to sightseeing than just seeing!

The friends I have made here have been a highlight of my trip. I have met so many people from all over the world! Of course, I have made many Korean friends. They have taught me about their culture and helped me to adjust to life here. I have also become good friends with the other exchange students, who live all across the United States. While traveling throughout the country, I have met people from every single continent! These new friends have taught me so much about other cultures and international relationships!

I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to study abroad! I may have come here by myself, but I could not have made it here alone. First of all, I am thankful for my parents and the other adults in my life who have been encouraging me to follow my dreams for my whole life. They always believed in me, which made me believe in myself. Do not underestimate the impact that these people can have on your life. I know that you are young, but you will be a grown up before you know it! Trust you family and teachers when they tell you that you will grow up to be something great. You have the ability to follow your dreams- allow them to encourage you!

I have loved being able to share my journey with you all! I am glad that you have been following me and I hope that you have learned a few things about South Korea and traveling! If you have the opportunity to experience a new culture, please do! Participating in a study abroad program is a great way to see the world, all while working towards a college degree. College is a time for learning, but learning doesn’t have to mean only sitting in a classroom. I have learned so much from my real life experiences!

Of course, I cannot forget your teacher, who has chosen to bring us together! Would you guys do me a favor? I am very far away, so would you give your teacher a big, loud thank you? I would also like to thank Reach the World and my great editor, Jaime, for connecting me to you all and helping me to teach you about South Korea. I wish you all the best in your futures and hope that you can go out and see the world for yourself! Do not fear the unknown- explore it!

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