Journal #1

I am only two days away from finally leaving for Chile. There are many things to prepare since I will be there for four months. I realize that I will miss Arizona a lot more than I thought I would, especially my favorite spot in town, the very top of “Tumamoc Hill”. You can see the view pretty view in the photo above!

I know you are all excited to hear about my first thoughts and experiences in Chile because I feel the same way. Only two more days! The reason I am still not in Chile is because all Chilean schools don’t start-up again until next week. As you can Tumamocsee, the school schedule is one of the many things that set Chile and the United States apart. So since I can’t tell you about my thoughts and experiences about Chile yet, I will go ahead and tell you about my thoughts two days before takeoff.

Today a big chunk of my family gathered to say their goodbyes to me. There was a lot of food as well as some tears. It felt great to see how excited they are for me, but it was also sad because I knew I wasn’t going to see them in the next four months. As I mentioned before, I have a huge family. Leaving home for the first time will be very hard.  Although it was a bit sad, their kind words and blessings made it a lot easier and exciting. I can’t wait to call them once I am in Chile to tell them about all my new adventures.

There is not much time for sadness, however, because much of my time is preparing for this trip. Can you imagine trying to pack  your bags for four months? What would you take? I think I am having the most trouble figuring out what clothes to pack. It is difficult to know if to pack summer or winter clothes and how much of each. This is because, even though it is winter here in the United States, it is summer in Chile. During my four months in Chile, the summer will welcome the winter,  packing winter clothes is important. Hopefully this packing situation is easier during the next two days.

Trying to learn some unique Chilean words are also in my preparation plans. I like to think that I am lucky for because I  know the Spanish language. If I didn’t it would be very difficult to communicate once I am over there. Now, while I do speak Spanish, I do not speak it nearly as fast as the natives do and I also don’t have the cool Chilean accent. It will make it harder to understand them. For example, a gas station in Spanish is a gasolinera. In Chilean Spanish, a gas station is “la bomba”. When I was growing up, a “bomba” was a balloon. Can you see why it is tricky? This will be a challenge, but learning Chilean Spanish throughout these next four months is exciting. If there are any words you want to learn in Spanish or specifically in Chilean Spanish, let me know so I can also teach you throughout these next couple of months.

Since I leave in the next two days, I still don’t have any pictures of Chile to show you. The next time I write to you I will already be in Chile with my host family and ready to start school. I promise to put up as many pictures as I can so you can all see where I will be staying during my time in the beautiful South America. For now, I will keep trying to figure out how to pack four months into one suitcase. See you next time!

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