Who I Want to Be When I Grow Up

I am not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up. I do know who I want to be. It takes time to figure out what you want to be. Traveling abroad will help you discover who you want to be.

Many people ask us what we want to be when we grow up. If asked that question three years ago, I would have said I wanted to be a famous architect. I pictured myself owning an architecture firm one day. I always wanted to design buildings. I love being creative and designing things. I always wanted to be successful and live the “American Dream.” It wasn’t until visiting London that I figured out that there is no such thing as the American Dream. We have to make our own dream that is different from every other American.


Traveling to and living in London changed my perspective on life. My goals have shifted. It is okay because I am still figuring out what my true passion is. I now know the question is not what I want to be. The question is who do I want to be. I know I want to be a person who inspires, makes a difference, and lives life to the fullest. Right now I do not know exactly what career will lead me to that goal, but I am on my way.

Americans work so hard every day and never really enjoy life. In London life is different. People take time out of their day to go sit at the park and enjoy each other’s company. They go out with their friends after work. They take time for themselves. That is the kind of life that I want to live. I don’t want to work crazy every day and miss out on what the world has to offer.

I want to travel the world. I want to meet new people. I never realized how fortunate we are in America. We complain about things that other people will never have the opportunity to have. We are so caught up in our everyday routine that we forget what life is all about. I want to really live life.

I encourage all of you to travel abroad. It will change your life. Learning about different people from all over the world is amazing. If you meet someone from a culture you are not familiar with, talk to them. Get to know them and see what you have in common. Although they might be from across the world, they might live a similar life. They might like doing the same things as you or like the same sports.

Traveling offers you so much. You learn about people, see the beautiful nature, see history, and become a different person. You learn that your life in America is only a small part of what goes on in the world. Although traveling at your age might seem unrealistic, it isn’t. You can still have a list of places you really want to travel to. Start researching different things about those places.

I hope that my blog has inspired you to travel abroad one day. I also hope that each and every one of you finds something that you love doing. It is okay if it takes years to find it. All of us have a place in the world. Traveling abroad will put life’s possibilities into perspective.

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