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Date: Tue, 02/19/2013 – 9:11am

Have you ever wondered what people eat half way across the world? Do they eat the same food as you and I do in our homes? or do they eat foods like snails or bugs or horses? Well I can’t speak for every country in the world, but I can you what I eat in my home here in Segovia, Spain. By reading this article you will get a taste of what I have been eating the past month here in Segovia. I will include my favorite dish and how my mama prepares it! May be you can even try it yourself at home with your family.

I have been very fortunate with my meals here, especially because Spain has coasts which provide for delicious fruits and vegetables which are my favorite foods. Each meal my mama prepares has left an everlasting taste of sweetness on my tongue. I’m here to share and hopefully encourage you to try some of your own when you are finished reading this.

What food did I try?: 

I have tried many different types of food since I have been here, almost every different type of food group there is with the exception of meat. I am a vegetarian, so I cannot really tell you how the meat tastes here. Everything else though, I consider myself an expert.

Just to give a few examples I have eaten tofu, I have eaten Spanish Tortilla, I have eaten a lot of salad and avocados, I have eaten eggplant, I have eaten fruit with whip cream, yogurt, a lot of bread and jam. Every meal my mama makes for me has been delicious, but there is one in particular that beats the rest. Can you take a guess what that is? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a native Spanish dish that contains rice. Do you give up? It’s Paella.


How did I feel when I tried it?:

When I first tried Paella, my mouth began to water. It was everything I loved mixed into one dish. The spices it contained burst into my mouth as soon as I took my first bite. For example, do you know the candy Pop Rocks? When you put them in your mouth, they begin popping. Well the sensation that those bursts give you, that’s the feeling I felt when I ate this for the first time. It was amazing and something very different than I had ever had in the United States. After every bite I had a smile on my face, I was the happiest girl at this moment.

How is the food prepared?: 

There are many different ways in which Paella can be made. I am going to give you my mama’s recipe, because it is the only one I have had. First, unlike many other dishes you cook paella requires a special pan. It has to be a flat, round pan that can be placed on the stove top with a lid. This style pan is needed in order for everything to fit and cook fully.

The next step is to choose your ingredients. Once again, since I am a vegetarian I do not have meat in mine. If you want to make this at home just add whatever meat you like. My paella consists of many different vegetables. Today it contained mushrooms, carrots, peas, olives and red peppers. These all need to be chopped up, so they can be mixed together. In addition to the vegetables  you will need rice, curry, and vegetable broth.

Now you are set to begin cooking. This is where my mama’s recipe is a little different, she cooks everything separate and then in the end she will mix everything together. She told me that this way non of the flavors over power the other and you are able to taste everything. I believe her because all the tastes are just perfect.

You need to now add the olive oil to the pan and slowly add in the rice and curry. Be sure to continue mixing, so that the rice does not stick to the bottom. In a separate pan, this one does not matter which structure you need to cook the veggies. Continue stirring until fully cooked. When both dishes are ready to be eaten, you must mix them together and let them sit on low heat.

Now it is ready to be eaten! Sit back and relax and let your taste buds go free.

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

Yes, this food is very popular in Spain. Especially when you add shell fish to the dish. It is very popular in southern Spain, because the shellfish are much more fresh near the oceans. Also, the vegetables that are used in this dish are locally grown or like my mama, she grows them in her own garden.

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