United Kingdom
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Sun, 03/24/2013 – 8:23amTaxis

        London is a pretty dense city. There are millions of people here. People that live here rely heavily on public transportation. The main means of transportation is bus, tube (underground train), and bicycles. There are hundreds of bus routes that run every day and there are many busses that run twenty four hours a day. The tube travels to every part of the city. The tube stops running at midnight.

How do people get around?: 

         Most people take either the bus or train to get to their destination. There are hundreds of bus routes. Bus stops are within five minutes walking distance from each other. Most busses run twenty four hours a day. A monthly bus pass costs 75.30 pounds for adults. That is about 114 US Dollars. For students, a monthly pass costs 52.70 pounds. That is about 80 US Dollars. Small children ride the bus for free.They usually arrive at stops every five to ten minutes. After 11:00p.m. they run less often. Sometimes they run every 10-15 minutes. The tube is also used by a lot of people that live in London. A monthly tube pass for adults costs 116 pounds. That is about 176 US Dollars. For students a pass costs 81 pounds. That is about 123 US Dollars. The tube stops running after midnight. Only a small percentage of the people that live in London have cars. There is a lot of traffic during rush hour in London. If more people drove, the traffic would be worse. A lot of people ride bicycles throughout the city. There is a small bike lane on every road. In the mornings there are more bikers on the road than the evening. I think it is because everyone is trying to get to work. People even ride their bikes when it is snowing and raining outside. Bikes here cost around 300 pounds. Three undred pounds is equivalent to 450 US Dollars. Even though bikes are expensive, it saves money over time.

How did I feel when I tried this way of getting around?: 

          When I rode the bus for the first time in London it was weird. It is very quiet on public transportation. People are very quiet and people usually don’t talk on the phone. If someone is listening to music really loud, people will ask them to turn down their music. On the weekends people talk more on the bus. The busses here are double deckers. A double decker means the busses have two levels. There is a staircase behind the driver that leads to the second level. Sitting on the second level is fun. You can see everything from a  higher level than walking on the street.

Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?: 

         This way of getting around is connected to the culture. People here like to get to their destinations quickly. Te quickest way to get around the city is public transportation. London also tries to be eco friendly. So the less cars on the road the better.

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