Chamarra’s Final Logbook

My Last Week in Japan

Local Time: 1:00pm EST

How did I get around this week?: I took the train. I took the Keihin-Tohoku line to the area near my school and I also walked.

What was the most interesting place I visited this week?: I went to the marine tower in Yokohama, a near by park called the Minato no mieru okaPark and I also went to Tokyo Tower.

Other Travel News from this week: My friends and I were very focused on our final tests for our classes. Once we were all finished, we decided to celebrate with a group of friends at a Japanese style restaurant and do karaoke!

Number of sunny days this week: 5

Number of cloudy days this week: 2

Number of rainy days this week: 1

Number of snowy days this week: 0

Number of windy days this week: 4

What is the air temperature right now in Fahrenheit?: It was around 54°F.

How was the weather this week?: Besides the rainy day we had that week the weather was very nice! I really enjoyed my last week in Japan.

What animals did I see this week?: I saw a lot of small dogs. A lot of people in Japan have small dogs. Since the weather was nice everyone was out walking their dogs in the parks in Yokohama. I also saw a variety of sea creatures and fish at the Tsukiji Market.

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week?: I saw an eel sitting in a bucket of ice cold water ready for sale. I also saw huge fish fresh from the sea sitting on tables for sale in Tsukiji Market. I never saw a whole fish not cut and ready to cook before. It was really cool looking at all the different types of fish and the market was so busy! There were fisherman selling fish with their thick, rubber shoes and aprons on covered in water. There were also men driving machines with fish on the back. It was hard to get passed them, because they were driving so fast!

Other Nature News from this week: I was able to see a lot of Tokyo and Yokohama from the marine tower. I could see Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo, Sky Tree from Asakusa, and Minatomirai next to Yokohama. I thought it was really cool that I could see Tokyo Tower from Yokohama! From Tamachi Station, the train stop I got off at to go to school, it takes about twenty minutes to walk to Tokyo Tower. From where I lived in Yokohama it took me thirty seven minutes to get to Tamachi station. In total,  it took me about an hour to get to Tokyo Tower! So, to see Tokyo tower from Yokohama made Tokyo seem so much smaller. Sky Tree in Asakusa is about an hour and a half away by train! Yet, I was able to see it!

What main languages are spoken here?: Japanese!

What type of money is used here?: Japanese Yen. This is the symbol for yen in Japanese: 円

How much does a bottle of water cost?: 98 yen at 7-eleven and the average price is 105 yen.

What was the best meal this week?: The last meal that I had with my host family! It was bittersweet because we were able to talk about all the good times we had together, but also it meant that we were no longer going to be able to spend time together. Even though I had to leave Japan, I still keep in touch with my host family. We had become so close and we were able to teach one another about our cultures and realize how different and similar they are! Even during my last meal with them I learned about Japanese food. I ate a lot of raw fish and vegetables. They also surprised me with a gift from the whole family! It was a message board with messages written from everyone I met in my host family and a picture of my host sister and I. It was the best gift and a great way for me to remember all the great times I had with them!

What music did I listen to this week?: I listened to a variety of music. Since my friends and I went to karaoke, we all chose our favorite music. I chose to sing songs by Adele while my friend Sharon chose songs by her favorite Korean musicians. My friend Nick chose a lot of R&B music and we sang along together!

What activity was the most fun this week?: I really enjoyed going to Tokyo Tower with my two good friends. The two of them have gone so many places with me during my time in Japan. Going to Tokyo Tower was the last time that we were able to spend time with one another in Japan. So we wanted to have as much fun as possible! We walked up a very steep hill to get to the tower and by time we got to the top we were out of breath! We bought our tickets and then were directed towards an elevator. There was a voice in the elevator that spoke in both Japanese and English which was convenient. Japan always makes it easier for tourists. There are a lot of things that people can do in Japan without really knowing Japanese. However, it is always better to learn the language of the country that you travel to! It provides a fun challenge for you to use your language skills and also makes things easier. You can communicate a lot better with the people living there and you can impress them at the same time by showing them that you can speak their language!

I was able to get passed my fear of heights and look out the window of Tokyo Tower and down at the street. The cars looked so small from 490 feet off the ground! I was able to see Sky Tree from Tokyo Tower as well. My friends and I also went up to the highest observatory which was 820 feet high. I was really scared, but it was the last chance I had to explore Tokyo with my friends so I wanted to make the best of it! To my surprise, it was not that scary at all! It actually was a lot of fun. It was becoming night time so we got a really nice view of the sunset and all the lights of the city. The pictures I took cannot even show the view and the feeling of being in there!

What did I read this week?: I read a lot from my Japanese and Astronomy class text books! I had final tests and I had to study a lot! It was all worth it, because I got good grades on my tests!

What games or sports did I play this week?: I played games with my host sister Ai. We always play hand games or games on my iPod or her dad’s iPad together. She really likes to play Othello or Taiko no Tatsujin a games based on Japanese Taiko drums.

Other news from this week: I left Japan on April 27th. It was a sad day, but I know that I will be able to go to Japan and visit my host family and my friends again!

My Awesome Friends

My Awesome Friends

Statue in Minato No Mieru Oka Park

Statue in Minato No Mieru Oka Park

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

View from park

View from park

View from Tokyo Tower

View from Tokyo Tower

Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama Marine Tower



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