Jessica’s Journal #1

A Package From Texas!

So after I had been in Costa Rica for about two weeks, I started volunteering with a friend at a local Hogar Infantil. In English, this translates loosely to foster home, but it is a little different. It is a place for children who do not have parents, have been abused, or have been taken from their parents by the government for some reason. There are about ten kids there right now. The oldest child is six years old.


The first time that I went to the Hogar Infantil, one of the little girls was showing me her coloring pages. There were only six pages, and only one had been fully colored. The little girl told me that was all she had to color. After visiting with the little girl, I asked one of the workers whether there were more coloring pages for the children. The worker told me that those six pages were the only ones in the whole home. It just broke my heart because I remembered having a lot of coloring books as a kid and these kids didn’t have that. They also only had four crayons.


I called my mom later that week and told her about my experience at Hogar Infantil. In the same conversation, I also mentioned to my mom that my Tica mom thought I would run out of laundry soap. I am allergic to a lot of things, one of them being most laundry soaps. I brought little individual packets with me to Costa Rica, but as my Tica mom noticed, I was running out. So my mom told me that she would mail me some more laundry soap. Little did I know that she was also keeping in mind what I had shared with her about the Hogar Infantil.


This was, like I said, back in February. I got an email from Costa Rica’s office of customs saying that they needed more information about my package. Apparently, my mom hadn’t given them enough information. When you mail packages to other countries, they have to know exactly what is in the package to make sure that it’s legal in that country. So I sent the email to my mom and she filled out the information and I waited. And waited. And waited..


Finally, it was March and I thought for sure I was just never going to get my package. I was talking with my mama Tica in the afternoon about how I probably wouldn’t get it and we were deciding what to do about my laundry soap. I went to my afternoon class and when I came back, my mama Tica said to me, “Tengo una sorpresa para ti!” which means, “I have a surprise for you!” My package had finally arrived!


It was a lot bigger than I expected. I was expecting laundry soap and hopefully some sunscreen, but I found a lot more than just that inside my box. My mom had sent me three bottles of sunscreen, laundry soap, and pictures of my friends and family! Not only all of this for me, but she sent me a lot of things for the kids at the Hogar Infantil. I was so happy when I saw that there were twelve coloring books, four sticker books, a ream of legal sized paper, and four 64 count packs of crayons. I almost cried because I was so happy!


My mom also put a card in the box saying that she is proud of me, she misses me, and that she loves me. That made me cry too. Maybe it was the fact that I really missed home, but I cried a lot that day. She said to tell my mama Tica thank you for taking care of me and for loving me. It was really sweet. It was so nice to get some things from home too!

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