Kelly’s Journey to Malta

Since I am in Malta on a fellowship and not here with a Study Abroad program, I am able to live in my own flat, British term for apartment.  This has been both good and bad because as much as I enjoy living in my own space, I do feel there is a part of this experience that I am missing out on.  It has, however, made me get more involved with my community.



 My Community

I share my flat with a roommate, a fellow English Teaching Assistant.  It is nice having someone around who completely understands your experience.  It has made the transition here a lot easier.  Malta has really beautiful flats that are modern and fully furnished, which is a huge bonus!  We were able to get a two bedroom/two bathroom flat in Sliema, a really nice part of Malta, for cheap! Another bonus!


6 MONTH “Malta-versary”-Me and Melissa celebrating being in Malta for 6 months, yes we are very silly!

My room is very simple and is just big enough and very cozy.  It is where I not only sleep, but where I have my Skype and Face Time conversations with my family and friends and where I go to listen to music to relax and reflect on my day and on my time here.  Having my own bathroom is really nice too because both of us can get ready at the same time.


What I love most about living here is that I truly feel at home.  My roommate and I do not follow any meal customs as to what or when to eat but we do make dinner every night and sit at the dining table, which is something I never did back home.  We talk about our day, schools, students and just life in general.  We also enjoy breakfast or a nice cup of coffee together on the weekends to catch up and plan out our days.

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