Field Note: French Food

Thu, 02/28/2013 – 7:24am
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Freinds, Do you know any famous French food? I think French Fries are the most popular in the U.S! The yummy French Fries were found in Belgium. France is not only renowned in the world for its French Fries but also for its delicious Pastries, Exotic Chocolates, Amazing Tarts, Various breads like Baguette and Croissants, yummy crepes, Beef sandwiches and what not!

As I told you in my logbook that we chose a local airline (Air France) to travel from Singapore to France, we were served the French food as refreshment as well as the main course. Moreover, as soon as I landed and stepped out of the plane we were bit hungry and we had croissants and French toast with juice as a breakfast at the Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris). I am not wrong if I say that one French toast with cheese and salad can be your lunch also.I  love to eat yummy pastries and eclairs

From my understanding French people like to enjoy their breakfast and coffee. They are fond of black coffee shots with pretty small cups. Moreover, they can replace their lunch with their heavy breakfast consists of baguette with slice of ham inside, piece of fresh cheese and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Do you know that there are nearly 350 to 400 distinct type of cheese in France? They call it ‘’fromage’’ (fromaz). They have plenty of fresh cheese shops which sell fresh dairy produced cheese. Some of them are very hard and some of them are very soft. Though some of them are pretty stinky they end up tasting delicious. They are different in colours also; as some of them are yellow and some are white. I managed to taste some of the good ones.

You will be amazed to find a number of fresh baked cakes and pastries and one of the specialties of France called ‘’Macaroons’’. In France, the pastry shops are called ‘’Pattiseries’’. Everyone likes to eat fresh, soft and yummy cake and so do I! You would be amazed to know that I need either a slice of chocolate cake or an éclair a day as I love chocolate. Moreover they have plenty of ice creams in different flavours like coconut and chocolate, and also various gilato ice creams.

What food did I try?: 

Before coming to France, I was very excited and had made up my mind to try different French dishes. I was so lucky to have French friends who helped me to cook those dishes. We wanted to prepare Pesto Sauce pasta and Banana crepe. As I was new to the place she helped me to get the ingredients for making it. I knew the nearest and most accessible supermarket from where I used to get some of the groceries. We bought some of the basil leaves, olive oil, avocado, parmesan cheese, lime or vinegar (sour oil can also be used in Chinese recipes), and pasta. Moreover we also bought plain flour, powder sugar from there.

How did I feel when I tried it?: 

I was so pleased to have Pesto sauce pasta and crepe. My friends were big eaters. As soon as they tried it, they were into finishing it quickly.  I was wondered to find that those attractive looking dishes were turned out to be pretty easy and quick to cook. Moreover, she told me that one could also use that pesto sauce as the pizza paste.

How is the food prepared?:

We boiled water, added two table spoons of olive oil, pinch of salt and added linguine (long thin macaroni). We took some pine nuts, 1 cup of basil leaves, olives, avocados and parmesan cheese and finely crushed it.  I mixed one tea spoon of black pepper, salt and olive oil into that sauce and mixed it with macaroni. Finally we garnished it with shredded cheese on the top and served the delicious dish.

For making crepes, we had to prepare mixture of plain flour, butter, condensed milk, powder sugar and smashed banana. Simmer the frying pan with two table spoon of butter and try to spread the batter on the pan and let it cooked and turn it and let the other side cook properly too. It is something like the thinner version of pancakes.

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?: 

I agree that the local food is solely connected to the local environment here in France. For producing variety of milk and cheese, the farmers have to decide the quality and quantity to feed to the animals. Moreover, they have to decide the type of grass and terrain they can eat on. Moreover the French people and even European people prefer to have coffee as It is warm and provide energy to them.

Moreover, France is the biggest wine producing country, as there are plenty of vineyards. They have fresh and different grapes which are used in making variety of wines. Country is making good amount of money by exporting (selling it outside France) it to the different countries.

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