Daily Life Field Note

Field Note: Daily Life  

A wonderful guy agreed to tell me about his daily life for this article. His complete name is Clyde Luther Anthony Bascombe. Names also gives clues into the backgrounds of others!

Clyde has a lot of interesting daily activities. He usually starts his day at 6:00 a.m. when he begins cleaning the house and making breakfast. He also mentioned that, “I have a lot of errands to take care of many of the mornings.” Errands include, “feeding my dog, doing laundry, feeding my parrots, catching up on reading, writing up assignments for my three classes.” Clyde has two dogs: one is a poodle and Chihuahua mix, and the other is a bulldog. Their names are Sushi and Batman.

Clyde also studies Sociology at UWI Cave Hill Campus and is a choirboy. In Clyde’s free time, he usually “attends choir practices most Thursday and Fridays.” He practices with other youth ages 12-24. Choir practices are an important priority for Clyde.

“When I am not studying, I play computer games, watch TV or listen to classical music,” Clyde told me.

Besides other activities, Clyde has an interesting job. He said, “I work as a receptionist at the UN in Barbados, where I answer and direct calls as necessary, greet and register visitors, and liaise with security on any pertinent issues. I am proficient in desktop publishing and I am a certified psychotherapist.” Since Clyde is enrolled at the University of West Indies, he has to manage the workload of school at the same time. This may be tough, considering that he works full-time as a receptionist. He is considered a part-time student, although he takes three classes, which is a lot!

Clyde does believe that what he is doing is for a greater goal and reward. “I hope to earn my Bachelors degree in another year, to get a promotion on the job,” he told me. I believe that as a smart and focused person, Clyde will be able to do what he desires.

“I live close to campus in a bottom flat of a two-story house,” he said. “I have a lot of room in my home to do what I want. I can relax, sleep and do work whenever I please.” He has his own family. “I have two sons who are 32 and 25. The oldest is currently at campus. I am engaged to a wonderful lady with a heart of gold.”

A car is useful for getting around. Clyde drives a Toyota Corolla BZ Touring 4A-GE 20v. I have noticed that he drives this to school and parks it on campus.

“I am a very conservative dresser; very formal when at work, school or church. At home, I wear simple shorts and T-shirt,” Clyde says. It is safe to say that Clyde has a lot of pride when it comes to presenting himself in a manner that is fit for the occasion.

Clyde has traveled. He said, “I have traveled extensively to the continental USA and England. I travel abroad at least once a year.” Clyde mentioned, “I know some Spanish.” This language is especially useful when traveling to the neighboring Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbean and when visiting to many U.S. states on the West Coast.

I admire the fact that Clyde has the same mission as Reach the World and me. As a final message, Clyde said, “take full advantage of your academic opportunity and make the best use of your future.” I hope that you all take this advice very seriously, as it is good advice! And on an exciting note, college allows you to be a part of a study abroad programs to many parts of the world, just like me!



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