This Week in London


United Kingdom
51° 31′ 1.5564″ N0° 8′ 45.9024″ W 
See map: Google Maps
The Victoria and Albert Museum
So much is going on here in London. I am quickly adjusting to the culture.

I love being here in London. I am having so much fun. The people here speak English. I speak English too. Although we speak the same language, we use different slang words. I have been trying to learn as much British slang as possible. For example, in America we say “thank you.” In London people say “cheers.” I held a door open for a person, who was walking behind me, and he said “Cheers.” I was confused, because I did not know what “cheers” meant. The next day I asked my teacher about it, and he told me that it is a British way of saying “thanks.” Now instead of saying “thank you,” I try to remember to say “cheers.”

Another interesting difference is that in London people say “brilliant” instead of “good.” One day in my class, we were having a conversation about fashion. I told my teacher my thoughts about the fashion here, and in response he said “brilliant.” First I did not understand, but then he told me that “brilliant” means “good.” I hear a lot of people say “brilliant” in London. I like to learn new and different meanings for words.

When I talk to people here they tell me that they really like my accent. I always laugh and say “Cheers!” I think it is funny, because I do not think that I have an accent. I think the Brits have an accent. Have you ever heard British people speak? It is quite different than what I am used to. People always ask me where I am from. They are always surprised that I am living so far away from home. I tell them that I am only here for a certain amount of time.

Another word that they use here is “Mum” instead of “Mom.” It is almost Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom so there are posters hanging up saying “Happy Mum’s Day!” I think it is funny that they changed the way they say “mom.” Or did we change it in the United States? I thought it was universal in the English language.

Although I am far away from home, I speak to my family once a week. I bought a cell phone when I got here. I can call my parents and one of my friends back home. Sometimes it is hard to communicate with them because of the different time zones. I am five hours ahead of my friends and family back in America, so when it is 10:00 PM here, it is only 5:00 pm in America where my friends and family are.

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