Logbook: 4/22


Local Time: 8:24 AM

Time Zone: Central European Time (CET) 

How far did we travel this week? 175 Miles

How far have we traveled on our journey so far? About 1,500 miles

How did we get around this week? I took the tram and bus around Brno. I took a large bus to travel around the Czech Republic on the weekend.

Sedlec Ossuary

What was the most interesting place we visited this week? I visited a church made of bones in a small town called Kutná Hora. The church contained the bones of over 40,000 people. It is called the Sedlec Ossuary, you can research this very interesting place!

This Week’s Travel News: Over the weekend, I visited several small towns  in the Czech Republic. I went hiking in an awesome place called Czech Paradise in the Eastern Bohemia area of the country. This area has a lot of interesting rock formations and great views. We also took a tour of a 14th century castle, Kost Castle.



Weather Tally: This week, there were the following number of weather days:

Sunny: 4          Cloudy: 0        Partly cloudy: 2          Rainy: 1          Snowy: 0         Windy: 2

What is the air temperature right now? 46 degrees Fahrenheit

How was the weather this week? The weather was great! It was between 50 and 60 degrees almost every day. It was a little cold and rainy on the weekend when I was traveling, though.

Czech Paradise Hike

What was the coolest thing we saw in nature this week? Czech Paradise was definitely the coolest thing I saw in nature. The rock formations were so incredible and almost looked like they belonged on another planet.

This Week’s Nature News: This week, I could finally tell it was Spring! It has been so cold and dreary outside until now. I can finally look out the window and see the sun. I did not realize just how much sun and warm weather affects my happiness. Now, I want to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the sunshine. Do you feel the same way when spring begins?



What was the best meal this week? I had fried cauliflower with potatoes. This was my first time trying this dish, and I enjoyed it so much! I can’t wait to try it again.

What music did we listen to this week? This week, I listened to a lot of reggae music on trips and with my friends. Do you  listen to reggae? Even though this music isn’t from the Czech Republic, it is nice to listen to.

What activity was the most fun this week? I really enjoyed being outside and enjoying the sunshine with friends. I liked sitting on a blanket in the courtyard near my dorm and watching the European boys learn how to play American football.

What did I read this week? I finished a wonderful book by Milan Kundera, a Czech author, called The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Now, I have to go and find another book by this author to read! Isn’t it great to find an author that you really love? Do you have a favorite author?

This Week’s News: This week, I spent more time than usual being outside and enjoying Brno. I walked around in the city center a lot and even discovered a few new interesting spots in the city. 

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