Journal: My Role Model

When we have dreams, usually there is someone who pushes us toward them. A person who inspires us to be a better person and reach our goals. Do you have anyone like that in your life?

During my semester abroad in Italy, my architecture professor became my role model. Why did he became a role model in one semester, and how did he inspire me? Well, this experience of studying abroad changed my life, but having the right person with me made things even greater.

Jeff Johnson is my architecture professor and study abroad professor. He studied abroad in Rome for about a year when he was in college. He has worked as an architect completing multiple projects around western New York.

During recent years, my professor has been in charge of taking students from SUNY Alfred State College to Sorrento, Italy, for a semester abroad. These study abroad programs focus on urban sketching and cultural learning.

At the beginning of this program, I made terrible sketches. My drawings could not be read by my professor. My understanding of Italian culture was not improving, either. Every afternoon, my professor used to sit with me and tell me stories about his experience studying abroad and how it helped him to become the person he is today. This professor pushed me really hard throughout the semester. He was always there to criticize my work and show me how to improve.

Toward the end of my semester, my sketching skills improved dramatically, and the locals were telling me that my Italian was good! This professor helped me to believe not just in my dream, but to work hard and use my experience to benefit of my work. There is no doubt that I will not forget my professor, and I would like to call him my friend.

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