Daily Life Field Note

Kicking it with Kristel in Viña del Mar, Chile


Come and get to know someone born and raised in another country!  Learn how your life is similar or different to their life.


Kristel is a Chilean student that is currently attending the University of Viña del Mar.  She is in her second year and I met her in my Human Rights in Latin America class.  In many ways she is a typical Chilean student, as most of the people here either continue their education after high school or join the workforce.  She has chosen to continue on to college in hopes of getting a better paying career that she will enjoy.

What is your full name?

Kristel Standen Lillo

Where do you live? What is your house like?

I live in Concon. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to school at the University of Viña del Mar.  I live in a house with my parents and one brother.  My house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. My house is yellow and very tall because there are three floors.

What is your family like?

I have one younger brother that goes to the University Catolica de Valparaiso. He studies to be a mechanical civil engineer.  My older brother is an architect and works in Santiago.  He is married.  My dad is a doctor and my mother is a housewife.  I have one cat and one dog.  My family and I spend a lot of time watching movies together.

How do you get around?

I have a car that I drive sometimes or I take the bus.  I cannot take the car every day, because I share it with my brother.

What types of clothing do you like to wear?

I wear a lot of jeans with boots and t shirts or sweaters.  I like to wear scarfs and jewelry.  I wear necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings.  On cold days I wear jackets. In the summer I like to wear skirts and dresses.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my friends.  We often have fiestas at one of our homes. My friends and I like to go to the discoteque or pubs.  The discoteque is a club for dancing.  We also go to the mall, shopping, to the movies or out to eat.

What language(s) do you speak? How do you say “Hello” in your language?

I speak Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.  In Spanish you say hello with the word hola.

Do you have pets?

I have a cat and a dog.  My dog is a toy poodle!

Have you traveled? Where have you traveled to?

Yes I have traveled.  I have been to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland and Austria.

What do you do for work?

I do not work, but I help my dad in the office.  Sometimes I work as a secretary in my dad’s office.

Is there anything else you would like to say to students in the United States?

Some of my favorite foods here are empanadas and hot dogs.  I enjoy our fresh fish from the port and I love McDonalds!  Chile is a very beautiful country, if you would ever like to visit we would love to have you! Chao! Kisses!


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