Jaslin’s Kid Field Note

I interviewed a Turkish child named Merve. Read my article to learn more about daily life in Turkey!

What’s it like to be a kid?

  • What is your house like?

Very small. Most houses in Istanbul are small by comparison to what we are used to in most parts of the U.S. It is a pink house on the corner of the street. Merve has lived there all her life.

  • What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Merve eats the traditional Turkish breakfast, which I have explained in my food Field Note! Do you remember? The Turkish breakfast includes bread, butter, jam and/or honey, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, yogurt, cold meats, fruit juice, eggs and tea/coffee. Of course, Merve loves orange juice. For lunch, Merve eats sandwiches and fruit. Dinner is always different. Usually it includes some type of meat like beef or lamb.

  • What chores do you have at home?

Merve is a lucky child. Her parents do not give her chores. That is crazy right? Since Merve is such a sweet child, she helps her parents with cleaning the house or washing dishes.

  • What jobs do your parents have?

Merve’s mom does not work. She stays in the house to look after Merve. Her father works at a shop that sells antiques.

  • What time does school start, and what time do you go home?

School starts are 8:00AM and ends at 3:00PM. There is a break where the students leave to have lunch at their homes, which is around 12:00PM.

  • How do you get to school? Are you allowed to go to school by yourself?

Merve walks to school with her mom. She never walks home by herself since her mother does not work.

  • What do you eat for lunch, and where do you eat? What is your favorite food?

Merve eats lunch at home. She usually has a sandwich. Her favorite food is oranges. She loves eating fruit!

  • What language do you speak at school? How do you say “Hello”? in your language?

Of course, she speaks Turkish in school. They are learning English too. Merhaba is how you say hello in Turkish.

  • What are some common kids’ names at your school?

Rana, Derin, Pelin, Mira, Emir, Cem, Ege, and of course Merve. Merve is a name of a mountain or a hill in Mekke.

  • What subjects do you study in school, and which one is your favorite?

Math, English, Science, and History. She really likes learning English.

  • What is your homework like?

Usually Merve is given worksheets.

  • What do you like to do after school? Do you have a favorite sport or game?

Merve loves soccer. Futbol is how you say soccer in Turkish. She plays at a school soccer field.

  • Who is your favorite famous person?

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He is the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

  • What kinds of music do you listen to?

Merve enjoys Turkish music but she loves Michal Jackson. You’ve heard of him, right?

  • What would you like to be when you grow up?

Merve wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Merve would want to see Egypt. She wants to see the Great Pyramid.

  • What do you know or think about the United States?

Merve has learned about the United States’ history and she wants to visit someday.

  • What questions do you have for kids in the United States?

Merve wanted to know every question I asked her! She also wants to know, ‘Do any of the students know Turkish?”

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