Kids Field Note

Abstract: Have you ever wondered what kids in Spain like to eat, where they go to school and what kinds of music they like?  Although Spain is pretty far from New York, you would be surprised how similar our cultures are.  Are you ready for our next journey into the life of kid living in Spain?

A photo of Gala

Hola clase! Two days ago, we had a large dinner and party for my host sister’s birthday.  Gala was very excited to have guests at our apartment, and we all had such a great time.  At the party, we had a very traditional cake called La Mona or the cute cake.  Typically, godparents give a mona to their godchild as a gift for Easter.

Gala’s godparents own a bakery that is about three hours away, so they could not come to Barcelona during Easter.  They decided to surprise Gala with a mona cake for her birthday.  These cakes are usually decorated with candy, whipped cream, colored feathers and chocolate figures.  What are some of your family traditions for Easter?  Do you decorate eggs or go on an Easter egg hunt?

I have learned a lot about Gala’s daily schedule and some of her interests.  Gala knows several languages including French, Dutch, a little English, Catalan and Castellano.  She wanted to do the interview in Castellano, and I translated all of her responses to English.

Gala is seven years old, and she is an only child.  She lives in an apartment with her parents Rosa and Bert.  Rosa rents apartments to tourists, and Bert is a lawyer and a painter.  Gala’s family is Dutch and Catalan.  Her dad is from the Netherlands, and her mother was born in Spain. Can you find the Netherlands on a world map?  Start in Barcelona on the Eastern coast of Spain, go North through France, Northeast through Belgium and then you will find the Netherlands.  Gala was born in Barcelona, and she usually speaks Dutch and Catalan with her parents.

On the treehouse

Gala wakes up at 6:30 A.M., and school starts at 9:00 A.M.  She loves eating toast with grape jelly and drinking milk for breakfast.  Gala lives about thirty minutes away from her school, so she has to take the school bus there.  She does not have enough time to return home for lunch, so her mom packs her a turkey sandwich and fruit to eat at school.

The treehouse

Gala goes to a performing arts school, and all of her classes are taught in Catalan.  She has classes in math, reading, English, music and dance.  Gala’s favorite class is English, because she wants to practice the language and visit the United States one day.

Some of her friends’ names are Ines, Marcal, Luc, and Julia.  After school is over at 5:00 PM, Gala has violin and piano lessons until 6:00 P.M.  When she gets home from school at 6:30 P.M., Gala has to finish her homework.  Yesterday Gala was working on her addition homework, and she was memorizing the names of different music notes.

After she is done with her homework, Gala eats dinner.  Some of her favorite foods are pasta, pizza, couscous and chocolate cake.  Are there any similarities between Gala’s activities and your daily schedule?

Gala loves listening to music and dancing, and she would love to become a singer or a performer when she grows up.   She is very excited to begin ballet and contemporary dance classes at her school next year. Gala enjoys listening to the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Shakira with her father.  Shakira is a famous performer from Colombia, and Gala thinks that she is a great singer and dancer.

When she isn’t busy with school and her lessons, Gala also enjoys watching the shows A.N.T Farm and Shake it Up on Disney Channel.  She doesn’t really like sports, but she loves riding her bike to the beach with her parents.  What are some your favorite forms of exercise?  What do you usually do during your free time?

Gala wants to travel to the United States to see all of the tall buildings and meet lots of Americans.  She doesn’t know much about the United States, but she thinks that is a beautiful country.  She wanted me to ask you some questions about life in New York.  Is your city big?  How do you get to school?  What subjects do you learn in school, and what is your favorite class?  Do you have any brothers and sisters?  Gala would love to hear about some of daily activities as well. Adéu.

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