Akirah’s Logbook Entry


  •  The most interesting place that I traveled this week was the Holi One festival in Cape Town. The Holi festival is a festival celebrated by the Indian culture to bring in the spring season. The festival is filled with fun, laugher, music and tons of color. Every hour on the hour people burst open their packets and spread color on one another. You usually wear white to this festival so that the color can show up better on your clothing. To get to the festival my friends and I took a mini bus in which you learned about in my logbook. It cost us eight rand to get to Cape Town. The weather this week was absolutely beautiful and it was sunny everyday.
  •  The best meal I had this week was from The Africa Café. This café is known for its great African cuisines from all over the world. The food was really delicious and I truly felt that I was in all the places that the foods represented. As in traditional African culture we began the meal by having our hands washed in a bowl of hot water since we would be eating our meal with our hands. The Africa café was a little on the pricy side considering that food here is usually no more that sixty rand. To eat at this café it cost two hundred rand but it was all you can eat and the food was super delicious.
  • The book that I started reading this week is call the number by John Steinberg. This book talks about the prison system in south Africa and the high rates of gangstarism also. This book will really give me great insight into the work that I will be doing at my volunteer site. 

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