Food Field Note


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Sun, 03/03/2013 – 10:17pm
Abstract: A short blurb about this article: 
Food, every place where people go they first thing that they want to try is the food, but why is that? Maybe is because food has a different type of flavor that makes our mouth to ask for more food all the time we try something new. Well, I have a month in a half in the beautiful country of Italy, and honestly I think I have gained some extra pounds. I think that the reason why I have gained some extra pounds is because I have been trying every single plate where ever I go. Different type of food such as pasta, pizza, ice cream, and etc has contributed a lot in my personal experience while studying abroad. Well let`s not do too much talk and let me explain you my Favorited type of food here on Italy.

This is about how much I felt in love with Italian Food, and also how much weight I have gained thanks to it. During this month I have been eating traditional plates from the Italian food. I have been eating pasta pretty much every night. The tomatoes sauce is the principal ingredient when it comes to add it in the pasta, and as well it’s the symbol of Italy.  At least here on Italy the tomatoes sauce is amazing in every plate of pasta that I can get it. The condiments that somebody might need to prepare it are the following; garlic, onions, olive oil, tomatoes, and more additional stuff that people might add Eating Gelatodepending on their personal taste. Never the less, I have been eating too much pasta with tomatoes sauce that I felt like I needed to learn how to make this sauce. Last week I decided to enjoy a two hours of a cooking course at a local hotel here in Sorrento, Italy called Ulisses. This hotel gave the opportunity to teach some students who wanted to learn how to make the authentic Italian sauce. The experience during the cooking course was fantastic and at the end of the course I was able to say that I have learned how to make Italian sauce. Now I think that I would be making tomatoes sauce every time when I come back home.

What food did I try?: 

Italian sauce with pasta which is a typical plate from Italy.

How did I feel when I tried it?: 

I personally feel like it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth every time when I taste it.

How is the food prepared?: 

Tomatoes sauce is pretty much easy to make. the only thing to make the basic tomatoes sauce are the following; tomatoes, oil, garlic, onions,  salt, and other things that somebody might add depending on their personal taste. Never the less put oil, garlic, tomato paste, and onions in a hot put and wait until it is being cook. After the garlic has that gold color add the tomatoes and move everything so everything could be mix. Right after add salt and about 10 minutes as the tomatoes paste and probably water to control the balance. After that keep moving, tasting, and cheeking the tomatoes sauce because it need to have a balance and the feel when it is ready becomes more natural than timing it.

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

I strongly feel that eating pasta with tomatoes sauce fits in the environment completely. when people associate a tomato with Itlay, and I think now I can see why they do it. its because the tomato sauce is part of the Italian culture.


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