Logbook: 5/20

Coming Home

Abstract: After one whole month in Egypt I was finally ready to make the long journey home!  I had to fly from Cairo to Frankfurt, Germany.  Then from Germany to Seattle, Washington which is my home!


I had such a wonderful time in Egypt!  I got to travel around the country.  I got to see so many famous sites!  I went to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.  I went to see the Red and Bent Pyramids.  I went down into the southern part of Egypt to see Aswan and Luxor.  I really had a great time meeting so many new friends and learning all about Egyptian culture.  I got to learn some Arabic and a lot about Islam, the Muslim faith.  

After having such a fantastic time in Egypt, I still got a little home sick.  I missed my friends and family in America.  I especially missed my girlfriend, Hannah, and our little cat, Qui.  Sometimes, when I am traveling, one of the best parts of the journey is making it home safe and sound.  Luckily, I was able to make it home very safely.  I took an airplane from Cairo, Egypt, to Frankfurt, Germany.  In Germany, I had to wait at the airport overnight.  The next morning, I began my long, ten hour flight back home to America.  When I arrived at the airport in Seattle, Washington, guess who was there to pick me up?  It was Hannah!  We were so happy to see each other and also happy that I had made it home from my journey safely.




Local Time: 6:00 PM           

Time Zone:  PST (Pacific Standard Time)     

Location (Latitude, Longitude):  47.0381 degrees North, 122.8994 degrees West

How far did I travel this week? I travelled about 7000 miles this week.

How far have I traveled on your journey so far? I have travelled over 21,000 miles in my journey.

How did I get around this week?  I got around by airplane. The airplanes in Europe are really comfortable!        

What was the most interesting place I visited this week? The most interesting place I visited this week was Frankfurt, Germany.

Other travel news:

It was really awesome to get to see a little bit of Germany on my way back home to the states.  I noticed that Germany is really clean and also has really good food!  Another great thing about Germany is that they lead the world in using clean energy.  Clean energy means that the energy comes from a renewable source such as the sun or wind.

Also, Germany has a great system for recycling.  When I got to the airport I was really thirsty.  I bought a water bottle that was made out of plant material.  It looked like a regular water bottle but it was better because the factory in which it was made didn’t use petroleum to make the bottle.  Petroleum comes from oil. Many nations fight over oil and pollute our earth with it.  It was so hopeful to see that we can still have water bottles and other things we love without polluting our planet!  I loved Germany so much that I might want to move there when I am older.



Weather Tally (enter the # of days for each weather type):

Sunny:  7

Cloudy:  0

Partly cloudy:  0

Rainy:  0

Snowy:  0

Windy:  0    

What is the air temperature right now?

Right now the air temperature is a perfect 65 degrees.

How was the weather this week?

The weather has been so heavenly since I got back home to Washington State.  It is so green and beautiful here.  It has been mostly sunny and warm.  But not too hot!

What animals did I see this week?

This week I saw mostly cats.  Especially my cat, Qui, who I missed so much when I was in Egypt.

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week?

The coolest thing I saw in nature this week was a huge field of yellow flowers near my home in Olympia, Washington.  It was so cool to me because in Egypt, there isn’t a lot of green or colorful flowers in nature.  When I got home to Washington, it was so lush!  Lush is a word you can use to describe plants in an environment that are very healthy with colorful flowers.  I felt like I was in a painting when I got home.  I guess I had gotten used to everything being the same sandy brown color like it is in Egypt!    

Other Nature News:

Being in another place in the world is really eye-opening!  Not only do you get to respect other places, but when you get back home, you can respect where you live even more!  For example, when I was in Egypt I enjoyed the sun so much because Washington, it rains almost every day for about seven months straight!  So, the sun in Egypt was amazing!  But then when I got back home and it rained one day, I realized that I had missed it!  Now is the time of year when Washington weather is at its best so I feel so good to be home.  Sometimes, it helps to travel in order to like where you live even more than before.  Other times when you travel, you feel like you want to move to that place you visited!



What languages are spoken here?

When I was in Germany waiting for my flight back home, I heard people speaking German.  In Germany, most people speak more than one language.  Most people speak German, English, and some other language.  Isn’t that cool?  Wouldn’t it be great if Americans spoke more than just English?

What type of money is used here?

In Germany, they use money called Euros. One Euro has a higher monetary value than one U.S. Dollar!  If you have 1 euro, then you have about $1.30.

How much does a bottle of water cost?

That bottle of water made from plant material in Germany was about $4.00! Do you think that is expensive?

What was the best meal this week?

The best meal I ate this week was on the airplane in Germany!  The flight attendants kept bringing me food and drinks. I was thinking, “Wow, I wish the service was this good in America!”  For dinner on the flight they brought us a choice of chicken with rice, peas and carrots or beef with potatoes and corn.  I chose the beef.  It was tender and juicy when I bit into it.  They also had salad, a bun, and even carrot cake for dessert!

What music did I listen to this week?

This week I listened to one of my favorite bands from England.  I went to see the band perform live, in Seattle, WA with my girlfriend. The band we went to see is called Bonobo.  Bonobo is also a type of monkey!  Listening to Bonobo makes me feel like dancing, or driving somewhere out of the city with the windows down and the music really loud!

What did I read this week?

This week I was reading about free, wireless energy for the world.  I read how in the very near future, we will be able to charge our phones and cars and computers wirelessly, just like wireless Internet.  So, in the same way that you connect to the Internet by an iPhone or laptop computer, you can also receive energy to charge the battery.  Wireless energy will help make our world a better, cleaner place to leave.

What games or sports did I play this week?

I worked out this week in the gym to stay healthy.


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