Field Note: Cherry Blossoms

I was very lucky to have my mom fly all the way from Allentown, Pennsylvania over to China to visit me during my spring break. One of the places I was very excited to take her was West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou is about one hour by bullet train from Shanghai. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day, only a little chilly when it was windy. With the sun, lake, and wonderful company, this was definitely one of my favorite day trips!


The cherry blossom trees are probably one of my favorite trees. They make any area look truly stunning! Join me as I talk to you more about the cherry blossom tree, and show you the many pictures I have of them!

What do we see in nature?


I think there is a really interesting story behind the cherry blossom tree. Although cherry blossom trees grow naturally here in China, they actually originate from Japan. Cherry blossom trees in China show us some of the Japanese influence from historic times when the Japanese were here. I think it is pretty cool when you see things in everyday life that are here for a historic reason. I see these trees so much I initially thought they were native Chinese. I found out that they originally came from Japan, only after doing some of my own research.


What does this creature or plant look like?

The trees are very beautiful! They come in all different shades of whites, light pinks, and deep magenta-like pinks. Sometimes, you see a fully white tree with just one branch of pink petal flowers. It looks a little funny. In the pictures you can see the details of the petals and how pretty they really are. You can also see all the different colors that the flowers bloom! Looking at it makes you just love nature! I normally don’t even like the color pink, but I love these trees.


In Japan, these trees symbolize clouds because of the way they bloom with many blossoms all at once.


Cherry blossom trees can be found all over the world. You might have heard about them in Washington D.C. There are three places in China that are famous for an abundance of these trees. They are Lonwangtang Cherry Blossom Park, East Lake Cherry Blossom Park, and Nanshan Botanical Garden.


Fun Fact: These blossoms are edible! The Japanese sometimes use these when cooking.

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