Noble’s Flight to Egypt

Flying to Egypt

Wow! I can hardly believe that I am about to accomplish one of the biggest, most exciting dreams I’ve had since childhood! I am going to see the pyramids and the Sphynx in Egypt! Do you know where Egypt is? It is in the north-east of Africa! It’s very far away from the United States. In order for me to accomplish this big goal, I had to achieve little pieces at a time. Over time, these little pieces, or small accomplishments, have allowed me to reach this big goal!

One of the small, but very important, pieces of my journey to Egypt was attaining the money to buy a ticket! If you want to go to Egypt, you’ve got to find a way to get there, since it is so far. At first, I wondered how I owuld I afford it. Airplane tickets can cost more than $1,000.00!

Luckily, I was awarded the Gilman Scholarship. The Gilman Scholarship a certain amount of money that I won by writing an essay explaining my great dreams of visiting Egypt and why it is important to my learning. The first thing I did when I received the money was buy my plane ticket to Egypt.

However, the flight to Egypt is very complex! It is not a direct flight. A direct flight is when you leave your home and stay in the air until you land at your destination. My flight to Egypt has many layovers. Layovers are small stops during your flight when your plane lands to re-fuel or pick up more passengers. I have a layover in Europe before flying into the capital city of Egypt, Cairo. You can learn more about my flight and the layovers by looking at my flight itinerary, or a detailed description of my flight information. When you book a flight, you receive a flight itinerary to let you know where you are going and at what time your plane takes off and lands!



Leave Mon, Apr 1 41hr 29min Total time
Depart Seattle, Washington United Airlines 1658

Economy | Boeing 737

679 mi | 2hr 5min

11:21 AM SeaTac Airport (SEA)    
Stop 1 San Francisco, California    
1:26 PM San Francisco Airport (SFO) | Terminal 3    
Change of airlines. Time between flights: 6hr 4min
Depart San Francisco, California SWISS 39

Economy | Airbus A343

5,826 mi | 11hr 10min

7:30 PM San Francisco Airport (SFO) | Terminal I    
Stop 2 Zurich    
3:40 PM Zurich Airport (ZRH)    
Meal: Complimentary food and drinks
Change planes. Time between flights: 18hr 5min
Depart Zurich SWISS 236

Economy | Airbus A343

1,705 mi | 4hr 5min

9:45 AM Zurich Airport (ZRH)    
Arrive Cairo    
1:50 PM Cairo Int’l Airport (CAI) | Terminal 3    
Meal: Complimentary food and drinks
This flight arrives two days after it departs
Return Tue, Apr 30 28hr 35min Total time
Depart Cairo United Airlines 9105

Economy | Airbus A321

1,815 mi | 4hr 30min

3:40 PM Cairo Int’l Airport (CAI) | Terminal 3    
Stop 1 Frankfurt    
8:10 PM Frankfurt Int’l Airport (FRA) | Terminal 1    
Flight 9105 Operated by DLH LUFTHANSA

Change planes. Time between flights: 13hr 40min

Depart Frankfurt United Airlines 8717

Economy | Airbus A333

5,094 mi | 10hr 25min

9:50 AM Frankfurt Int’l Airport (FRA) | Terminal 1    
Arrive Seattle, Washington    
11:15 AM SeaTac Airport (SEA)    
Meal: Snack
Flight 8717 Operated by DLH LUFTHANSA
Overnight flight.


Did you all see that I have an eighteen hour layover in Zurich, Switzerland? I wonder if I’ll be able to go outside the airport and explore some things that Switzerland is famous for, like cheese and pocketknives.

Some folks are scared of flying but I love it! I feel like airplanes are proof of people’s amazing innovation and genius! Imagine the world before airplanes! If I wasn’t taking a plane to Egypt, it may have have taken a year or more to get there.. Now it is just the duration of my flight!

I am so glad to share my dream and accomplishments with you! 

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