Field Note: Daily Life

 I am interviewing my Resident Assistant, Zhiyin Jin. Her english name is Georgina. NYU (the school I attend) is on a local college campus here, called East China Normal University. Georgina is a college student studying to teach the Chinese language. She is super nice, fun, and awesome! Hope you enjoy getting to know more about her.


Hey guys! Meet Georgina. Georgina is 22 years old and a student here in Shanghai at East China Normal University. She works as a resident assistant for my school, NYU. Basically that means she lives with us and plans events, listens and helps us if we have any problems, and makes sure we don’t get into any trouble. Basically, she is like a big sister to us. She is super awesome and nice, and I’m excited you get to learn more about her!

What’s your Full Name?

Zhiyin Jin (Georgina is her English name)

Where do you live, what is your house like?

Shanghai, China.  Georgina lives with her my mom and dad in a two bedroom                                        apartment in Pudong, an area of Shanghai.

How do you get around?

 To get around Shanghai, Georgina usually walks, takes the bus or subway  on a day to day basis. Sometimes she takes the taxi. To go farther distances, she will take a long distance bus, train, or fly.

What types of clothing do you like to wear?

Georgina says her style is a mix between Japanese and American style. She joked that because she is so short she cannot always fit into American clothes. She likes to wear light colors, like beige, rose, and cream.

 What do you like to do in your free time?                                                                          Julie-Ann and Georgina, whom she interviewed

 Much like us, Georgina likes mostly to sleep. She joked that she studies so much, in her free time her favorite thing to do is sleep and watch movies or TV shows. One of her favorite shows is Modern Family.

What languages do you speak? How do you say “hello” in your language.?

Georgina speaks Mandarin (Chinese), Shanghainese (local dialect), and English. She tried to learn German a while ago but said it was too hard. In Chinese you say “Ni hao” to say hello.

Do you have pets?

Georgina does not have any pets because her mother said if Georgina gets a pet she (the mother) would end up taking care of it. This sounds quite similar to what my parents would say, how about you?

Have you traveled? Where have you traveled to?

Georgina has been many places. She studied abroad in the United Kingdom and while there she visited many places like Italy, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece and more! She is also planning to study in the USA in the fall.

What do you do for work?

Georgina is currently teaching Chinese to non-chinese speakers as part of her studies. She also is a Resident Assistant. On top of that, she is also looking for a part time job in media.

Is there anything else you would like to say to students in the United States?

Georgina said that she thinks the freedom of education and to participate in sports and things outside of school that will add to your future is very lucky. The Chinese system, much like many systems in other countries as well, judges students for colleges based on grades and S.A.T.-like test scores only, so this makes it quite stressful for children as they enter high school and start preparing for the future.

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