A Dream Come True




40° 56′ 36.8268″ N4° 6′ 46.8072″ W

A dream come TrueMy journey to Segovia, Spain began on January 23rd, 2013. I am happy to say I am not on this journey alone, because my best friend Kyra is with me. Once I arrived in Segovia, I felt as if I was entering my own dream world!

Hello again! I am currently studying in Segovia, Spain. If you are not sure where that is, it’s about a 90-minute bus ride from Madrid, Spain. I have been here four weeks and it still feels like I’m dreaming. Everything looks like a movie!

I live next to the Aqueduct, which is one of the two most famous monuments in Segovia. In the old days, it used to carry water throughout the entire city. Now it is a tourist attraction. It is so big that when people are standing next to it, it looks like they are ants. I began walking along it one day in order to figure out its length. I had to go back home because it was lunchtime! In my Spanish civilization class I found out that it is nine miles long.

All the buildings here are close together. This makes the streets very narrow. I feel like I am walking through a tunnel. At the end of each street there is a different opening to a new discovery. Each street holds its own secrets!

My favorite thing is the snowy mountains in the background! That’s what still surprises me, because the weather here is beautiful. It’s chilly, but not too cold. We have very little wind or snow in the city. The mountains make a beautiful contrast in the background.

I’m so excited to be here studying Spanish. I will call this my home for three months. Where am I staying? I actually get to live as an actual citizen while here. My program placed me and my best friend since I was young with a señora (mother). Can you imagine living your dream with your best friend? It’s such a wonderful gift. It’s also not as scary this way, traveling and spending time here with my best friend.

Our señora is wonderful. She is an elderly lady who loves to cook healthy foods, enjoys swimming three times a week, and reminds me of my own grandma. She has opened her house to us for the entire three months we are here. We have a room to share, with our own bathroom. She cooks every meal for us, does our laundry and we even help clean up. It’s like I am a part of her family. It’s so wonderful of her to allow us to live as her “granddaughters” while we are here. This opportunity allows me to discover all the unique traditions of Spain and celebrate them with my señora and her family.

It’s still amazing to me; every sight I see is like a new video game or a new toy. I just can’t put it down because it’s so wonderful! I’ve stared at the scenery and just had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake! It is a new and exciting culture and city. I’m so excited to be able to share my experience here with you all and I can’t wait to tell you more!

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