Chris’ Transportation Field Note

City, Country: Barcelona, Spain


Abstract: a short blurb about this article:

In Barcelona everyone rides the Metro. The Metro is an underground subway system that is similar to some of the subway systems in the United States. During my first couple days in Barcelona I’ve taken the Metro five times. It seems like wherever you want to go, you either walk, take a bus or ride the Metro. The Metro stations are very clean. There are a lot of newsstands in the tunnels that sell snacks, newspapers and even backpacks and stuff. There’s always someone playing guitar and singing in Spanish.



There are a lot fewer cars in Barcelona. The city’s emission laws and noise laws are much stricter than those in America. It’s different also because people don’t honk in Barcelona and they don’t have loud music blasting from their car. What do you think about that? This also means you don’t see a lot of old cars in Barcelona that might give off a lot of pollution. So everyone rides the Metro. There is also a good bus system and there are a lot of scooters too. It’s very strange being in a city as big as Barcelona and not hearing cars all the time. The Metro system is very fast and easy.


What is your full name?

Chris Shauinger


How do people get around?

People walk a lot, take the bus or ride the Metro!


How do I feel when I tried this way of getting around?

Getting down to the Metro is pretty easy. It’s just like in New York or Washington DC, where you have to go down the steps from the street. The hardest part is trying to understand the signs and figure out where to go.


Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?

Barcelonans love their public transportation. You see families, kids, business men and women, old people, almost every age group on the Metro in Barcelona. It’s very similar to the United States but what makes it unique to Barcelona is that there are a lot less cars on the street. In that way it is unique. More people ride the Metro so fewer cars drive on the street. And people rarely honk. Do people honk where you’re from?




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