Communities Field Note: How Sorrento Protects the Environment

Hi everyone. Today we will talk about recycling and protecting the environment. Let me tell you what I have learned about this in Sorrento, Italy.


Are there ways or places to recycle in the local community?

This town has an amazing trash system to collect the trash by type. This small town can recycle so much of its trash! Even some big cities in the U.S. can’t do as well.

What is the public sentiment about the state of the environment, and do young people think they play a role in protecting the environment? If so, how?


The Italian government has a strong campaign towards the younger generation. This education campaign tries to educate the younger generation on the need to protect the planet. The young people here are very conscious about taking care of their local town. They also understand the need to save the Earth from global warming and other environmental problems.


What innovative solutions do you observe, or hear people talking about?

This town is very innovative when it comes to recycling. The trash is all sorted into categories such as glass, plastic, organic and so on. Every day, a different type of trash is picked up. For example, plastic is picked up every Monday.

Have there been changes to environmental laws lately?

Lately, the European Union has put new laws in place to protect the planet. One new law will start next year. It aims to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the air. This means that people will have to drive less, use public transportation and cut down on their waste. To get ready for this law, major cities have started to introduce bike and care share programs.


Over all, the people from Sorrento are very conscious about their environment. I personally can say that this town is one of the most beautiful and clean towns I have ever been to. There is no trash on the street. People recycle. The water is clean to drink. Sometimes you need to pay for the plastic bags from the local groceries. I think this is a model town for other Italian and European towns!



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