My first meal with my host family


Viña del Mar

United States

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Date: Mon, 03/04/2013 – 12:34pm
Dinner with my host family

How would you like to be woken up asked if you would like Tuna for breakfast? What would you say? I love Tuna for breakfast and you probably would too!

I have enjoyed all the food in Chile.  The fruit is fresh, the meals my host mom has cooked is wonderful and trying new dishes is always interesting.  Sometimes I am not sure exactly what I am eating, especially when it comes to the meat, but so far I have had no complaints.  I have enjoyed every bite!

What food did I try?:

My first meal was the most significant to me because it was cooked by most host mom and was my first meal with my new family.  We had a stew with meat, potatoes and sweet corn.  We also had salad and tuna for dessert.  We drink a fruit flavored drink similar to punch or koolaid tasting drink with the meal.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I was excited and honored to be part of this meal.  I felt very welcomed and happy to be sharing this experience with these people.  My host family has introduced me to new foods, customs and experience.  I am grateful to be a part of their lives and to share many meals with them.

How is the food prepared?:

The food is cooked in a pot on the stove like stew.  Oddly enough pepper is not a common ingredient here and salt is commonly served on the table, but no pepper.  The food here is not spicy like other latino cultures.  The food was cooked all day and in the pot so the meat, potatoes and corn is very tender.

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

This is a common meal here, especially the sweet corn.  Sweet corn is served in many dishes.  Tuna is grown locally here and is very popular.  People eat tuna here for a snack, for breakfast and for dessert.  Tuna is yummy!

1 Response to My first meal with my host family

  1. Michele Brownell says:

    Tuna is a fruit grown in Chile.

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