Traditions Field Note: The Game of Cricket


Barbados has a lot of traditions that are quite different from many other places in the world. I will now focus on a sport: cricket. Cricket is not popular in the U.S., but is very popular here in Barbados!

On a fairly breezy school night, a guy friend called me to join him and his friends on campus to watch a game of hockey. I attended, ate food, and watched the guys dance to their local music. Shortly after, the guys asked me if I wanted to join them later on to check out another game. When they told me that it was a game of cricket, I was very excited not only to share this moment with you all, but also to learn about a part of my own background and heritage. And although the hour was pretty late and I felt that I should have gone back to my dorm to study, I still went.

Cricket is played with a bat and a ball with around 11 players on some kind of field. The aim of the game is to make hit the ball with the bat. The person who hits the ball will run to the next base, hoping to avoid being put out by the others on the opposing team. The rest of the rules are kind of complicated to beginners like you and me, but I think that description is easy to understand.

Because Barbados was once a slave society and a British colony, the local culture shares a lot of British ways. Cricket was developed in England during the 1800s. Since then, cricket has remained popular in Barbados.

Cricket is involved in many activities of Bajan life. For example, many Bajans play cricket in their own backyards. Cricket is considered a typical game. It is played in villages and common places all around Barbados. Based on what I observed, many of these individuals make their own bats and balls to get the game going. Many of the locals enjoy this hobby.

Since the beginning of the history of cricket, Barbados has competed with a lot of teams from all around the Caribbean. The record shows that Barbados had the most wins even when compared to close-by islands such as Trinidad and Tobago. These kinds of accomplishments will definitely make Barbados stand out as an island that has the best cricketers in the region!

Since Barbados is a land that is relatively flat, it is perfect for this sport. This sport is played on a grassy area with lots of sunshine. The structures and features of this island allows people to play cricket. It is a great game to play outside in your yard!

Although I have not participated in this game, I hope to do so one day. It was amazing to see how much passion everyone has for this sport, whether for pay or for fun. I believe that the pictures I provide will excite you all, and will demonstrate that this activity is a thing to try for the future.

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