Traveler Shannon’s Logbook on the Nile River in Luxor, Egypt

Temples, Tombs and King Tut: Exploring Luxor, Egypt!

Come with me to Luxor, Egypt!  This ancient city has a lot to see and experience. We will have fun learning about the Ancient Egyptian’s lives together!

This week I got the amazing chance to travel to one of the coolest places in Egypt, Luxor! Luxor is a city in Egypt that has a lot of very old temples and tombs from the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  Luxor was originally the ancient city Thebes which existed thousands of years ago.  There are a lot of amazing remains of temples from this time. In addition to the ancient ruins, the landscape is also breathtakingly beautiful. Because Luxor is on the Nile, the natural environment is rich and lush along the river banks.  It is fascinating to see all the green plants around the river, and then see the dry desert in the background. It is a really cool contrast!  I had such a fantastic time in Luxor and I hope you enjoy reading all about it.


Local Time: 10:05pm

Time Zone: Eastern European Time

How far did we travel this week? Miles 313 miles

How far have we traveled on our journey so far? miles

How did we get around this week? Airplane

What was the most interesting place we visited this week? Luxor, Egypt

 This Week’s Travel News: I traveled to Luxor, Egypt. The East Bank is referred to as the side of the living because the temples built there were used for worship. On the East Bank of the Nile, there is the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple. The West Bank is known as the side of the dead because the temples and tombs that were built there were used for when pharaohs died.  This side of Luxor also has fascinating tombs and temples that I got to visit including Medinat Habu, the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Hatshepsut (or Hot-Chicken-Soup if you can’t pronounce it!) and the Valley of the Kings.  In the Valley of the Kings I got to see five beautifully preserved tombs, including King Tut’s tomb!


Weather Tally (enter the # of days for each weather type):

Sunny:  5
Cloudy: 1
Partly cloudy: 1

What is the air temperature right now? 63 degrees Fahrenheit

How was the weather this week? The weather has been getting much warmer.  The sun shines all day now. It doesn’t get too hot because of the desert winds, which keeps the hot desert air moving.  In fact, today has been the exception! It is the coldest it has been all week today. It is cloudy and cool, opposite of what I had been observing.

What animals did we see this week? This week I saw the camels and donkeys that I often see all over Cairo.  When I was in Luxor I also saw a great deal of horses because there are many horse drawn carriages by all the tourist attractions in Luxor.

What was the coolest thing we saw in nature this week? The coolest thing I saw in nature this week was the Nile River in Luxor.  Although the Nile runs the length of Egypt and is also in Cairo, it looks much different in Luxor.  Since Cairo is such a big and crowded city, the Nile is lined with skyscrapers.  The Nile is also very dirty in Egypt because of the pollution from Cairo.  In Luxor however, there are not many tall buildings by the Nile.  Instead, there are many plants and trees that line the Nile.  The water is also much cleaner and clearer!


This Week’s Nature News: 

Luxor is located south of Cairo in what is called Upper Egypt.  They call Southern Egypt “Upper Egypt” because it was named in reference to the direction that the Nile River flows.  The river flows from the South to the North, so the start of the Nile (the South) is Upper Egypt and the end (the North) is called Lower Egypt.




What languages are spoken here? Arabic

What type of money is used here? The Egyptian pound is used throughout Egypt, however certain cities where many tourists travel will sometimes accept other forms of money such as American dollars, euros, or British pounds.

How much does a bottle of water cost? Since it can get unbearably hot in Luxor and businesses know that they are sometimes a tourist’s only option, water can get very expensive.  Our tour guide told us to buy water before we entered the Valley of the Kings because it could cost as much as thirty Egyptian Pounds inside!

What was the best meal this week? I had a delicious meal called shish tawook at the restaurant in our hotel in Luxor.  Shish tawook is grilled chicken with peppers and onions.  Sometimes it is served in a sandwich and other times you are simply served the chicken with bread on the side.

What activity was the most fun this week? My favorite activity of the week was the sailing felucca we went on in Luxor!  A felucca is a special boat that sails in the Nile River.  Our sailing felucca had a huge sail that the captain controlled to direct the boat.  It was definitely a lot of fun!

What did I read this week? This week I did not read a novel or any book for school, but I did read a lot from my guide book for Egypt!  Because I traveled to Luxor and saw a lot of the old temples and tombs, I wanted to learn more about them.  In order to do this, I read about them in my Egypt guide book which gives me information about different cities and points of interest all around the country.  A guide book can be very helpful to plan where to eat, what to visit and to learn more about the things you visit in each city.


This Week’s News:

This week in general was a very typical week with a fantastic weekend!  I had a lot of school work to complete during the weekdays, but as soon as it was the weekend I got on a plane to go to Luxor!  Luxor was by far the best part of my week, and one of the best trips of my study abroad experience.  I enjoyed looking at all of the ancient ruins and learning so much more about Ancient Egyptian history.

On my university’s campus there was also a market where people were selling many things including clothes, furniture, food and jewelry.  There were a lot of beautiful handmade items and I even tried some of the food which was really delicious!  Although did not end up buying anything, I did enjoy seeing everything that the market had to offer.

Sources used: National Geographic Traveler, Egypt.

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