Journal: New Friends in a New Place

Don’t be afraid to study in a foreign place. Live and experience the present. Take it from me, you will gain so much! You will make new friends, new connections, and appreciate the small things in a new way.

When you’re studying abroad, you will be in a new place, learning a lot of new things. Sometimes, you might even get homesick. It feels weird to know that all of your friends and family are home while you are away.

I have been away from home before to visit other family members and go on road trips. I know that feeling homesick is just temporary. Over time, each new place becomes like a home. It helps to do something familiar; for example, visiting a bookstore or watching a good movie.

In my exchange program, we like to go get snacks and talk about what we like about Botswana and what is different from home. Together, we have learned that this experience is something we will never have again. Now we joke about the small things and laugh about our reactions. When we share, we come up with solutions or ways to help. We even talk about the funniest combi rides of the week. Hearing others stories helps us feel like we were meant to live abroad.

Studying abroad has shown me how brave I can be in hard times. I have gained a new perspective on the world around me. I think one of the most amazing aspects of traveling to new places is the friends you meet and spend time with along the way. Although I came to study abroad alone, I have quickly realized that I am not alone. I am with a wonderful group of international students who similarly took a chance and came to Botswana. I have become so connected with them and we have grown together. In this way, we are living in the present and making this our new home.

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