Logbook 1

Local Time: The time is 2:00pm
Time Zone: My time zone is Korean Standard Time (13 hours ahead of New York)
How far have we traveled on our journey so far? 
(miles) I have traveled 6779.6 miles so far!
How did we get around this week? I usually travel by Subwaysubway, but, it is very complicated and busy. I also like to travel by Bus bus and sometimes by taxi.
What was the most interesting place we visited this 
week? The most interesting place I visited this week was the Han River. This river, it r runs through the capitol capitol of South Korea, which is a city called Seoul. I saw There were many people having picnics and other people were walking and riding bikes by the river.

This Week’s Travel News:
Have you ever been somewhere where you don’t speak the language? It is sometimes difficult to live in Korea because I don’t speak Korean fluently. When I don’t know the vocabulary or know how to say something, I like to use body language to talk with people because often they can understand what I am trying to sayme that way. Sometimes I look silly, but usually the people know whatfigure out what I am trying to say and what I want! Have you ever tried acting out something to someone using your hands or facial expressions ?

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