Hello Shanghai and Hangzhou! Logbook 2

Join me as I explore outside of Beijing! I visited two cities in the south of China, Shanghai and Hangzhou!

This week I decided that I wanted to explore outside of Beijing. So a few friends and I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou! We chose these two cities because they are very different. Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in China. Meanwhile, Hangzhou is very green and rural.

Travel News

Local Time: 10:16 pm

Time Zone: One Time Zone in China. China is 12 hours ahead of New York!

Location (Latitude, Longitude): 31.2000° N, 121.5000° E and 30.2731° N, 120.1769° E. Figure out where I was!

How far did I travel this week?: A lot! My friends and I walked everywhere!

How far have I traveled on my journey so far?: Too much to keep count! I have been to Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Luoyang, and Kaifeng. And next week I will go to Guilin!

How did I get around this week?: Bullet train to Shanghai and Hangzhou, subway to get around town, and by foot when exploring.

What was the most intriguing place I visited this week?: The tea fields in Hangzhou. The scenery was beautiful!

Other travel news: When I was in the Beijing Railway Station, I was really excited to get on the bullet train! It was really fast. It only took five hours from Beijing to Shanghai! A normal train takes 11 hours. I really liked Shanghai because there are many lights all over the city. The buildings are also really high and have interesting shapes. After visiting Shanghai for two days, I went to Hangzhou for three days. Hangzhou was a beautiful city because it was very different from Shanghai. It had a lot of trees, flowers, and fields. I really enjoyed walking through the tea fields because there were many mountains and rivers nearby!

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Weather Tally (enter the # of days for each weather type):

Sunny: 5

Cloudy: 0

Partly cloudy: 0

Rainy:  0

Snowy:  0

Windy:  1

What is the air temperature right now?  65° F

How was the weather this week?  The weather was really nice. Most of the days were sunny! It is starting to feel like the beginning of summer.

What animals did I see this week? I saw dogs in Shanghai and chickens in Hangzhou!

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week? The coolest thing was seeing an amazing green colored lake in a forest in Hangzhou


Very beautiful, right?!

Other Nature News: Being in Beijing for so long made me miss nature! Beijing and Shanghai are both urban cities. This means that they have a lot of buildings, but not many mountains and trees. Hangzhou was very unique because it had forests, mountains, lakes, and fields. I loved smelling the flowers and touching the water of the lakes.




What languages are spoken here?  In Shanghai, there is a dialect called Shanghai-nese. It is slightly different from Mandarin Chinese (the official language of China). For example, in Mandarin, hello is Ni hao. In Shanghainese, hello is Nong hao. Hangzhou also had a dialect of its own. As I have noticed, every city in China has its own dialect.

What type of money is used here? The Chinese Renmenbi. It is used in every city in China. Something that is very interesting is that every money bill has a face of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong is the founder of the current Chinese government. He is like George Washington in the United States. Mao is very important!

How much does a bottle of water cost? In both cities, a bottle of water costs either two or three kuai.

What was the best meal this week? The best meal was the lunch I had in Hangzhou. I had freshly made fish, white rice, cooked chicken, and tea! The tea in Hangzhou is very famous. I was very happy to taste it. It was delicious!


Hangzhou Tea! Very tasty


What music did I listen to this week?  This week, I listened to Chinese songs. I had a performance in school. I sang “Peng you,” which means friend.

What activity was the most fun this week? My favorite activity was traveling to Shanghai and Hangzhou. It was great to visit cities outside of Beijing. It made me try different food dishes and see new places.

What is the new word of the week? This week, I will teach you an easy phrase: Wo ai ni [woah ay ni]. It means “I love you!” Say it to your parents!


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