Transportation Field Note


Here in St. Petersburg, Russia there are so many ways of getting around! Although you’ll see many people walking, there are five other ways of traveling around this beautiful city. You may have heard of some of these, but perhaps there is one you’ve never seen or heard of!

Transportation in St. Petersburg

Me at the entrance to the metro station

Here in St. Petersburg, Russia there are many ways of getting around the city. Do you know why? The biggest reason is because this is a very big city! There are over 5 million people living here.  Many of them have to commute every day to go to work or school. People need public transportation to get from one end of the city to the other. Surprisingly, it’s one of the quickest ways to commute. It’s even quicker thanof driving your own car! Have you ever traveled on public transportation? Have you used public transportation when you’ve traveled?

When I first moved to St. Petersburg, Russia I was surprised at how many choices I had when taking public transportation! I can choose between riding an electric trolley bus or a bus that runs on gas. If I didn’t want to hop on either one of those, I could jump on board small vans known as marshrutkas! All of these ways of traveling cost between 25 and 35 roubles. This would be between .80 cents and $1.12 in dollars. If you want privacy or comfort, you can hire a cab or taxi but they tend to be very expensive.

The most popular choice for public transportation is the Metro. Do you remember me telling you about the underground railway system in St. Petersburg? It’s the fastest way to get from one place to another and it’s also very inexpensive.  It costs 28 roubles for a token to ride the Metro. You can purchase these tokens from the cashier at the Ticket Booth. This token would be about 90 cents in the United States.  With a token, you can enter the Metro and start traveling! Did you know that more than half the city’s population uses the Metro system every single day? Out of the 5 million people that live in St. Petersburg, about 3 million of them travel on the Metro.

I am one of those people! I take the Metro every single day to get to class. In relation to where I live, my classes are on the opposite end of the city.. I live in the southern part of St. Petersburg and my University is located on the very northern part of the city. It takes me about one hour to complete this journey. While this sounds like a long time, consider the fact that it would take  twice as long if I tried driving a car. . There is always lots of road traffic! I always get off at the metro station called Akademicheskaya and walk a short way to the University.

Metro Tokens

I like the underground railway system in St. Petersburg, Russia! Sometimes it can get very crowded, but I still find it relaxing. I usually find a seat on the metro car and bring a book to read. Many Russian people tend to do the  same thing. They love to read books, newspapers and magazines.  Occasionally, they bring music along and listen to it with headphones.

If you could visit St. Petersburg would you take the Metro? If yes, would you like to watch the people around you? Or, would you prefer to read or listen to music? If not, which public transportation system would you rather take and experience here ?

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