Daily Life Field Note

The Daily Life of Daisy

Daisy Henriques is my Spanish teacher, but she is also an English student at the same university. Although she studies English, she insisted that I ask her the questions in Spanish and that she answer me in Spanish to practice my Spanish. I translated this interview to English afterwards.

Jessica: What is your full name?

Daisy: Daisy Henriques (de papa) Beteta (de mama)


J: Why do you have two last names, but no middle name?

D: I don’t know why, but my father only gave me one name.


J: Where do you live? What is your house like?

D: I live in San Pablo. It is very close to this university.

J: I thought that you’d told us in class that you live in San Jose.

D: All of my life I lived in San Jose until I got married to my second husband and we moved to Heredia. My house is small. It has three rooms, two bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a covered patio in the back. [San Pablo is like an area of Heredia. It is a small town, but it is included in the city of Heredia.]


J: What is your family like?

D: I live with my husband only. But I have three daughters who are older and have their own families. I have one daughter who lives in San Jose, one in Esparza, and the other in Washington D.C.


J: How do you get around?

D: I drive my car to work because I have to carry a lot of materials with me. If I didn’t, I would take the bus because it is cheaper. Or walk because it is free.


J: what about when you have to go to the grocery store?

D: When I need to go to the grocery store, I have to go far because we go to Walmart, so I go in my car.
J: Do you have one car that you share with your husband, or two?
D: My husband and I have two cars. My husband works on a farm and also for the Bank of Costa Rica. For the Bank, he gives prices to value houses.


J: What types of clothing do you like to wear?

D: I like casual clothes that are traditional. I don’t like clothes that are very extravagant.


J: What do you like to do in your free time?

D: Sometimes when I have free time I read, watch television, or I do things in the house like taking care of my plants or cleaning out my closets. I also attend an English class on Saturdays at the University. A lot of my classmates are young so I have to study a lot before class because it is easier for them to learn. I have to be prepared because I teach Spanish classes all week. It is difficult to learn English. I study a lot, but I can only understand if people speak really slowly to me. I have studied English for five years but it has not been continuous. It is easier to learn a language when you study it continuously and always practice speaking. I have opportunities to practice my English with my students.


J:What languages do you speak? How do you say Hello in your language?

D: I speak Spanish and a little, very little, of English. I understand a lot of French. I studied it in university, but I can only understand a lot if it is written.


J: Do you have any pets?

D: No, not now because my husband doesn’t like to have pets because we have nowhere to leave them when we go away from the house.


J: Have you traveled? Where have you traveled to?

D: I have traveled to a lot of different countries including the US, different states. My favorite places are New Orleans and Las Vegas. There is a lot to do in those cities. And I have been to Europe also. I spent two months there and I traveled to England, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany and a few others that I cannot remember right now.


J: What do you do for work?

D: I am a teacher at the University Latina. I like my job a lot. It is very interesting. I learn a lot culturally from my students because I always have exchange students. I have had studnets from the US, Canada, France, Asia, India, and Brasil.


J:Is there anything else that you would like to say to students in the United States?

D: Really just that I love the culture of your country. I like the young people most because you are very open and friendly people. I learn a lot from the young people. And I hope that you study Spanish!

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