Transportation in Beijing

Title: Transportation in Beijing

Abstract: Want to know how students get to school in Beijing? In this field note, I talk about the different ways of getting to school and which one is quickest or cheapest! Join me as I will tell you my favorite way of getting to school too!

Introduction: Ni Hao! Hello! I just got home from school. I usually take the bus from school to my house in Beijing. It only takes about fifteen minutes. That’s really quick, right? Many students, like me, ride the bus to school. Many students also ride a bike to school. Other students take the subway and a few students walk to school. All of these ways to get to school are ways of transportation. Today I will talk to you guys about transportation in Beijing!

First, does someone know what transportation is? Well, transportation is how one person gets from one place to another. So, what are different types of transportation? Airplane, subway, walking, and even biking are all different types of transportation. In Beijing, there are many ways students get to school. It all depends on each person’s situation.trans 1

For example, a student in Beijing will walk to school if he or she lives close to school. Walking is a great way to save money because you will not have to pay for the bus or the subway. It is also very healthy to walk since exercise is important!

A person who lives far away from school can either use the bus or the subway. The bus and the subway cost about 0.40 RMB per ride. RMB is short for Renmenbi. Renmenbi is the type of money used in China. It is the same as the dollar used in the United States. In other words, the Renmenbi is China’s dollar. So taking the subway or bus is very cheap! But you have to make sure that a bus stop or subway stop are near your house and the school. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Buses go everywhere in Beijing. Also, Beijing has a very big subway system. There are a lot of trains that go everywhere too! Taking the subway and the bus is quite easy.

Taking the bus can get tricky when there is a lot of….traffic! Does someone know what traffic is? Traffic is when there are a lot of vehicles, like cars or buses, on the streets. This makes the car or bus go very slowly! If there is a lot of traffic, a student might be late to class because the bus took too long to get to school. This is why many students in Beijing take the bus an hour before class starts. The subway doesn’t have that problem since they are underground. They also run on a certain schedule. This means that they have to be on time! The subways are usually packed with lots of people! Students can expect to be on the subway with many other people! Sometimes it gets really full, and there is a lot of pushing too! But once you get used to it, it becomes normal. Let’s not forget China has a lot of people!trans 2

A person can also bike to school! It is a way to save money. You will not have to pay for the bus or subway. It is also a quicker way to get to school than walking. At the same time, you still get exercise because you have to pedal. I would say biking is the most common way of getting to school and to every other place in Beijing. It seems like everyone has a bicycle! On campus, there are bicycles everywhere. There are lines and lines of bicycles parked on the side of building. It is not too expensive to buy one. It costs about 300 Renmenbi, which is about 49 dollars. One dollar is about six Renmenbi!

The final way a student can get to school is by taking the taxi. If you are running late, it is the quickest and easiest way to get to school. The only problem is that it is the most expensive way of getting to school. The cost depends on how far you are from school. But you will have to pay at least 11 Renmenbi. This is a lot more than the amount you pay for the bus and subway.

trans 3For me, I love taking the bus, because the bus stop is right in front of my house. It is also the easiest way for me to get to school. My house is too far away for me to walk or bike. It would take about 30 minutes. The bus is really cheap. The only thing is that I have to wake up early to take the bus an hour before classes start. I want to make sure I am not late for class!

As you can see, there are many ways students can get to school. It all depends on each student’s situation. I hope you guys learned a lot about the different types of transportation! It is a really interesting subject!




trans 4

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