Surrounded by Bamboo!

Surrounded by Bamboo!


Local Time:

3:00 PM

Time Zone:

Korea Standard Time

How far did we travel this week?

425 miles

How far have we traveled on our journey so far?

8,720 miles

How did we get around this week?

This week was full of travel time! First, I took a train from my college town to one of the cities to the south. Do you know which direction is south?  Then, I took a taxi from the train station to the bus station. Damyang is a small town and the train does not have a stop there, so I needed to take a bus. The bus took me close enough to walk to the bamboo forest. On the way back I did it all again!

What was the most interesting place we visited this week?

The most interesting place I visited this week was the bamboo forest located in Damyang, South Korea. Have you ever seen bamboo before? At my dad’s house in Oregon there is a bamboo plant. I remember being very impressed by it when I was younger. Bamboo does not grow naturally in Oregon and I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else until I came to Asia. My dad’s bamboo plant cannot compare to what I saw this weekend. The whole forest was made up of bamboo! It towered over my head in every direction. What a unique experience!

This Week’s Travel News:

I had a few days off this week, so I decided to travel farther away from home than usual. Damyang is about four hours away from where I live and it made for a great trip! Once I arrived in the town, all I had to do was follow the paper lanterns hung along the street to find the bamboo forest. There was also a traditional Korean village, a beautiful river, and a pathway lined with ancient trees in the same area!


Weather Tally

Sunny: 3

Cloudy: 1

Partly cloudy: 3

Rainy: 2

Snowy: 0

Windy: 2

What is the air temperature right now?

72 degrees Fahrenheit

How was the weather this week?

The weather this time of year is in transition from being really cold to being really hot. That means that sometimes we get days with perfect weather! I was lucky to have a beautiful day to visit the bamboo forest!

What animals did we see this week?

Wooded forests make awesome homes for many animals. Bamboo is very different from wood, but there are still some animals that live in bamboo forests. Pandas and some monkeys like to live in bamboo. The forest I went to had many people visiting it every day, so such animals don’t live in that particular forest. I did get to see many birds though!

What was the coolest thing we saw in nature this week?

This may sound silly, but I was very excited to see the sun this week! I can’t help but to love the sunshine! Spending my time outside in the warm weather was an absolute delight! The sun shone through the bamboo perfectly. Wandering through a bamboo forest on a sunny day is a priceless experience.

This Week’s Nature News:

I have really been enjoying nature this week! I think that the spring time brings out the best of the plant life. The flowers are blooming and I can’t help but smiling every time I see them. Korea has flowers unlike I have ever seen. There are bushes everywhere that are completely covered in flowers, there aren’t even leaves, just flowers! Korea is so beautiful in the spring time!


What languages are spoken here?

Damyang is located in Korea, so people mostly speak Korean. I did hear many other languages being spoken by tourists at this popular travel destination!

What type of money is used here?

The money used here is Korean Won.

How much does a bottle of water cost?

A bottle of water here costs about fifty cents.

What was the best meal this week?

Near the bamboo forest is a popular road called ‘Noodle Street’. Can you guess what I had for lunch? That’s right- I had a giant bowl of noodles! For only about three dollars, I got more than enough noodle soup served from a small Korean restaurant. My friends and I were the only ones in there at the time and the ladies working there were excited to talk with us and share the delicious meal they had prepared for us.

What music did we listen to this week?

When I am lucky, I come across musicians on the street. Korean people sometimes like to dress up in the traditional clothing and play the Korean drums. It is definitely a neat thing to see! I did not see any of these performers at the bamboo forest, but I did happen to see some during my journey to Damyang.

What activity was the most fun this week?

I love interacting with the local people here! Korean people are so welcoming and will excitedly talk to my friends and me, even though they can guess that we probably do not understand the Korean language. It is often very confusing and ends up with all of us laughing. Laughter is something that people of all languages understand!

What did I read this week?

Traveling, especially in a foreign country, requires a lot of research! It is no fun to go on a trip and be lost the whole time. I am thankful for technology, which allows me to look up information quickly and even find some last minute details on the go. Before I left on my trip, I was sure to read lots of information about the bamboo forest. I always look for reviews of past travelers and the important things to know, such as how to get there.

What games or sports did I play?

Next to the bamboo forest was a small reconstructed traditional Korean village. At the village they had some traditional games set up for visitors to try. The game I played was made of several bamboo sticks and a large bundle of hollow bamboo tubes. The goal was to throw the thin, arrow like sticks into the large tubes. Sounds simple, right? It was actually very difficult!

 This Week’s News:

Traveling can cause people to worry a little bit sometimes, but it is important to stay positive and flexible. When things don’t go as planned, just make a new plan! Things almost always work out for the better. This weekend I had a great time traveling with my friends! We did not always have an exact plan for what to do next, and we did make mistakes, but we got to work together to find a solution. Our trip was a great time to bond and we made many fun memories together!

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