Logbook 1


Local Time: 9:09 p.m. (We are 12 hours ahead of New York!)

Time Zone: China has 1 time zone for the entire country!

How far did we travel this week? Three miles.

How far have we traveled on our journey so far? We have traveled about 10 miles, because we are staying in the city for now.

How did we get around this week? We got around by foot, bus and trainbus 




What was the most interesting place we visited this week? The morning market was very interesting!


  Morning market

This Week’s Travel News:

I had a fascinating week! I went to Sanlitun, which is a very popular area in Beijing where you can visit clothing shops and sit down for a cup of coffee. It is very beautiful, especially at night. I also went to KTV in Wudaokou. KTV is another way of saying karaoke! Do any of you like to sing? I sure do. My friends and I had a great time! Finally, the best place I visited was the morning market! You have to go very early, as it closes at 10 am. There are many people in stands selling fruits, vegetables, meats, and other stuff like toys, sunglasses and belts. Living in New Jersey and New York, I don’t usually see many markets, so I thought it was very interesting to experience that.




Weather Tally:

Sunny: 2

Cloudy: 3

Partly cloudy: 1

Rainy: 0

Snowy: 0

Windy: 1

What is the air temperature right now? 9 degrees Celsius, which is 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

How was the weather this week? For the most part, it was very cold and cloudy. It was also very foggy. But, that didn’t stop me from going outside to visit places and have fun!

What animals did we see this week? I saw dogs, cats and chicken.

What was the coolest thing we saw in nature this week? I saw two cats making weird sounds to each other.

This Week’s Nature News: This week was very funny! As I was walking through my university, I heard a noise. It sounded like a baby! I followed the noise and I saw that the ones making the “baby” sounds were two cats. One was white and the other one was brown with bits of white spots. They were both staring at each other, and it seemed like they were meowing over who would stay in the yard. Neither of them gave up as they kept meowing for a while. After waiting for five minutes, I decided to leave. I am curious to know which cat won.  That I don’t know, but what I do know is that I was tricked! I thought I was hearing a baby, and it turns out it was only two cats. Nature can sure play tricks on you sometimes.


What languages are spoken here? Mandarin Chinese

What type of money is used here? Renminbi


How much does a bottle of water cost? Three Kuai (about fifty cents)

What was the best meal this week? Buoluofan (Pineapple rice) Yum!


What music did we listen to this week? Chinese pop and rap

What activity was the most fun this week? Celebrating my friend’s birthday

What did I read this week? Lots of Chinese textbooks! Lots to read and study…!

What games or sports did I play? Tennis!! I’m happy they have tennis courts at my university.



Word of the week: Gou = dog in Chinese

This Week’s News:


This week has definitely been a fun learning experience. I learned where I can buy my snacks and water bottles, and how to say them in Chinese. I also tried pineapple rice for the very first time, and it was delicious! It was also a friend’s birthday on Friday so we went out for dinner at a traditional Chinese restaurant. We learned how to say certain dishes in Chinese, like zhi rou is chicken! I also learned there are tennis courts at my university! I haven’t played tennis in two years, but I did play during high school and it was great to play again after a long time. Overall, this week was very fun, and I am glad I learned so many new Chinese words too!

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