Aletha’s Food Field Note

Mon, 03/04/2013 – 5:07pm
Abstract: A short blurb about this article:
All about piranhas and pigs!

Venezuela has lots of delicious foods to try. They typically don’t have many spices and they usually involve some sort of flour based bread or tortilla-like food.

What food did I try?: 

I have tried many different foods so far!  This past weekend I tried piranha that I caught myself! I also learned how to kill, clean, and roast a pig to make a delicious pig roast dinner!

How did I feel when I tried it?: 

When I tried the piranha I was very excited but also slightly nervous. They cooked it whole and it was staring back up at me! It was strange and I couldn’t get over the fact that it still had eyeballs! However once I picked off some meat and gave it a try, I fell in love!  It is a very delicious type of fish!  When I tried the pig, I was excited because I had helped kill it, clean it, and put it on the fire to roast for 12 hours.  It was just as delicious as I thought it would be! I even mustered up the courage to try the pig skin, which was also delcious and salted to perfection!

How is the food prepared?: 

The piranha was deep fried, like most fish I eat in the United States. We caught them about two hours before we ate them and then someone cleaned them and put them in the deep fryer. Then they sprinkled on a little salt afterward. We didn’t even take the skin off or take out the bones! They still had heads, tails, fins and eyeballs when we began to eat them! The pig was killed fresh the morning of the day we ate it, too! Then they stretched it out and put sticks inside it to hold it open.  After a nice small wood fire was built, they placed the pig on top of it, with the skin side away from the fire. It cooked like that, with a little salt on it, for 12 hours before we had it for supper!

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?: 

The food is connected to the local environment in “Los Llanos”. “Los Llanos” are the plains of Venezuela. They are famous for their farming industry and it is where a lot of exotic animals live! Piranhas run wild in the rivers of “Los Llanos” and so fishing for them and having them for dinner isn’t uncommon. When we went fishing for piranhas, there were other strangers there doing the same. It is just a part of the ecosystem, kind of like eating seafood when you live near the ocean.  Raising livestock, like pigs, is also very common and happens often on the nearby farms. It is common to have a pig roast with a lot of your neighbors and friends as a party in the evening. However, because killing and roasting the pig takes all day, it becomes an all day event, instead of just a dinner, and it is usually followed by dancing to their type of music!

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