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Koshary is one of the most popular Egyptian dishes due to the fact that it is very easy and cheap to make. Koshary can be found almost anywhere around Cairo, whether it be from street vendors or in a restaurant. It is definitely a unique dish unlike any other in the world!

Today I’m going to tell you about a very popular Egyptian dish called koshary.  It is one of the first things I tried when I arrived to Cairo, and I quickly learned that this dish was one of the most important Egyptian dishes, if not the most important.  Street vendors all over the city sell koshary out of their little carts that are overloaded with decorations and lights in the evening.  There are also restaurants that serve koshary indoors and I can even find it in the cafeteria on campus and in my dorms.  It is a very affordable meal that also is very filling.  This makes it very popular as nearly everyone can easily afford it and you do not need to eat much to be satisfied.  It also tastes great, even if its unique mix of ingredients may seem intimidating at first.

What food did I try?:

I tried a traditional Egyptian dish called koshary.  Koshary can be described as a sort of Egyptian “fast food.”  It consists of macaroni noodles, rice, lentils, garbanzo beans, tomato sauce, various spices, and topped with fried onions.  There are also additional sauces you can add such as a spicy sauce.  It is very affordable and easy to make, which explains why it is such a popular food choice in Egypt.  I bought my small bowl of koshary for only three Egyptian Pounds, which equals about fifty cents!

How did I feel when I tried it?: 

I was definitely surprised by how such a different combination of foods could taste so good!  I really enjoyed it and all of the different ingredients worked well together.  I also got very full, very fast.  Because koshary is so cheap and filling, it is the perfect meal to eat on a student’s budget!  I know that I will be visiting this restaurant and others that serve koshary many times during my stay in Cairo.

How is the food prepared?: 
Each individual ingredient of koshary is prepared and then served from large containers set up in the store or on a street cart.  The vendors in the street carts are very entertaining to watch as they serve up your order of koshary.  They often bang their metal spoon on the metal bowls that contain the ingredients as they toss all the ingredients into your dish.  They also give you sauces that you can add to your koshary if you wish.  Overall, it is a very simple dish to prepare and serve and it tastes great!]
Koshary 10

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