Ebony’s Kids Field note

Field Note Kids by Ebony


I met two young British girls this week at a small shopping center. They were standing around so I went up and introduced myself, and asked if we could talk for a few minutes. At first they were shy talking to me because they didn’t know me. I explained that I am an American student living in London for a few months, and writing about my experienced here. Soon the girls became more comfortable around me. Their names are Anya and Lauren, and they both live here in London. Anya is eleven years old and Lauren is ten years old. I asked the girls what kind of things they like to do. Anya told me she enjoys dancing, singing and playing sports. Lauren also likes playing sports and dancing.

Anya and Lauren told me that they used to live in America. For three years they lived in Brooklyn, New York. I was curious whether they like living in London or Brooklyn better. Both said they prefer to live in London for a lot of reasons. For example, Anya and Lauren like to go to school in London rather than in Brooklyn. In England most children are required to wear a school uniform. Lauren and Anya told me that they really like wearing uniforms. They said the uniforms make them feel a part of the school. The only time they are allowed to wear street clothes to school is when there is a special holiday. Would you like to wear uniforms to school? Anya and Lauren were interested in hearing about all of the students in New York. What would you tell them about your school?


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